Friday, October 05, 2007

As Rachel Predicted

Beyonce has been given permission to put on her normal show when she takes to the stage in Muslim Indonesia on November 7th.

The singer cancelled a recent gig in neighbouring Malaysia, in protest against the strict rules imposed on performers there. Instead she will perform in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, where authorities have ruled she can dress and perform as she pleases.

Concert promoter Nia Zulkarnaen says, "I expect Indonesians to see this in a positive light. She is a great singer and her stage act is entertaining. Why should we say no to the way she dresses? "Praise be to God, there has been no such demand. They realize it's positive entertainment for the youth."

I don't think even here in the US, we would say that Beyonce is positive entertainment for the youth, but it makes for one hell of a bumper sticker.


Virgo74 said...

Why does she look like she has an extra chromosome????? What a mess.

Unknown said...

Why is callin beyonces music positive hard to believe? She can put on a show like no other....u don't see her runnin around fuckin everybody doin drugs and partyin all the time and if she is it sure isn't affecting her work.....even the quality musicians and actors don't get a break in this buisness....but I guess without ent's negative comments I would not have nething to write


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