Monday, October 01, 2007

What Do You Do When Your Wife Has Suffered An Overdose?

If you are Amy Winehouse's husband, you go out and get some drugs. Rumors are swirling that Amy Winehouse and her mooch of a husband are going to divorce because she just recently learned that while she was laying in a hospital bed unconscious, he left her side to score some drugs for himself. Apparently she was miffed.

Ummm. I think that both of them need some serious help, but if Amy thinks for a second that she wouldn't have done the same damn thing then she is kidding herself. Yes, he should have stayed by her bedside, but hell, she was unconscious, and there were other people there, plus you know she was going to be asking for some when she woke up. He just simply did what any other drug addled mooch with a drug addled wife would do. He went into her purse like he always does, and took some money, went and got some drugs and came back.

As jumpy as Amy is, she probably would have let Blake sit there by himself even if he was awake if she wanted to do drugs, or most likely just get them and bring them back to the room kind of like drugs-to-go.

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Unknown said...

We could always let the die.


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