Friday, October 05, 2007

Would You Pay $1M To See Demi Moore Naked?

I know I wouldn't and most of you who would want to see her naked are going to want to see the Demi Moore from ten years ago, and not the Demi now. This is something a French taxi driver is learning very quickly. Seems Ashton Kutcher left his cell phone behind in a Paris taxi, and on that phone were 35 photos of Mrs. Kutcher nude, and almost nude in a variety of poses. The taxi driver has been trying to sell the photos for $1M. The most he has been offered so far is $32 and a gift certficate for a free Big Mac.

What cracks me up about this is why Ashton would want them on his cell phone. Is he walking around movie sets saying, "hey everyone, check out what Demi was doing last night. Yep, that's vegetable oil. We find it works better than peanut oil."

There were also several photos of Ashton in various states of undress but they were all taken by Ashton himself in a bathroom mirror. In the poses he is flexing and trying to show off some kind of muscles, while in others he simulates his orgasms with a variety of expressions which clearly indicate why he has not been nominated for an Oscar.


Laurie-Anne R Collins said...

Shouldn't that gift certificate be for a Royale with cheese?

Kathy K said...

What is the MATTER with people?

Are celebrities really so devoid of common sense that they never project out to the worst-case scenario? Like losing a cell phone?

I'm just not sure I'm buying this one at all.

I do tend to think he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but still ....

Kathy K said...

LOL. I just got the Royale with cheese joke.


Production Girl said...

wait.....over 35 photos in a cell phone? I must have the wrong one? LOL.

$1 mil for a phone with naked photos of Demi? um if somebody has that kind of cash for that then they don't need a phone with naked photos of Demi. They prolly already know her.

Stacey Charter said...

Wow - I'm betting she put's him in time out for at least an hour for that mistake.

See what happens when you let the kid out unchaperoned?

LOL better then peanut oil LOL

Unknown said...

I have my pussy as my screen saver on my phone.......She's a brown Tabby....;p

. said...

Ashton did it on purpose - to get some publicity.


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