Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Never Before Seen Princess Diana Crash Photos

These photos were released to the public today as the inquest into Princess Diana's death began. A jury is hearing some incredible things, but the most incredible to me is that Diana feared for her life because she knew the Queen was going to abdicate. The most mundane thing heard so far is that Diana was taking the pill. Do you know how bright that flash must have been to get that kind if image at night through a windshield?


Unknown said...

Oh my God. That flash would BLIND the driver for a good few seconds!! I wonder what the time frame was there: is this right before the crash?? If it is, then the photogs had A LOT to do with it! If not, it is still extreme to take photos like that from the FRONT of the car, and something should at least be mentioned about it.
I know they investigated the photographers already, but Damn.

K said...


Drunken driver.

Mohammed Al-Fayed, please shut up and go away somewhere private with your fantasies.

Jen Ryan's Brain said...

sad lesson in why never to drink and drive. Glad these have finally been released to the public; lets put conspiracy theories to rest forever about Diana.

MnGddess said...

I am so sick of hearing about Princess Diana. Yes, she did a tremendous amount for charity, but, let's face it - if she was average height and slightly chubby with a pretty but average face, she would have gotten about 1/8th of the publicity. She had a face the camera loved and a model's body - perfect for paparazzi cameras. And I've seen plenty photos where she courted those cameras. But first and foremost, her most important job ewas as a MOTHER. She and her boyfriend knew that European paps are vicious in their pursuit of a photograph, yet they chose to speed off. And yes, I believe all those paps should be in jail. They were a danger to that car as well as anyone else who was out that night.

She spent more time with her boyfriend than with her sons. And if she'd been with her sons, where she belonged, she wouldn't be dead now. Fucking ridiculous.

And please don't mention she was doing her "duty" with her charitable causes. She defied the Queen on enough occasions, and I'm sure if she wanted to include her children on her trips she could have. She also could have done her charity work at home, to be near her boys.

One of the saddest memories I have of her funeral are her two sons walking behind her coffin, and the envelope her son left where he wrote "mummy" on top. I turned off the TV after I saw that.

Unknown said...

I'm turning off my computer after seeing what you wrote. *sob*

__-__=__ said...

I like her because she defied the Queen.

kellygirl said...

that driver looks to be having a jolly good time

kellygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

The driver doesn't look drunk. He looks wired.

jax said...

mnggdess..apparently you havent bothered to read anything pertaining to the accident after the funeral..hence your incredible ignorance and self ritcheous attitude.

The driver had a high amount of carbon monoxide in his system not alcohol..ther was some but not enough to warrantt he casue of accident. years ago when this all happend they took every type of flash availble into the tunnel and recreated the scene. witnesses to the origina; 'flash' all claimed it was a much much brighter flash. they then tried a special flash used in the military not ever used by photogs and especially not something you could contain on the back of amotorcyle as paparazi and guess what? all wintesses claim this was more like what they had also blinded the driver used in the mock up for sevreal minutes.

it wasn't a friggin accident people it was a murder carried out by SOMEONE connected to the Royal Family. Many suspect it was Charles' father..he never liked Diana, in fact he detested her.
I dont beleive Charles or the Queen had any knowledge of this but there is no way this was accident and if there is an iquiry taking place 10 years not the only one who believes it.

MnGddess said...

The only one who's ingnorant is you with your fucking high minded attitude. Murder? That's stretching it. Go crawl back into your hole where you belong. She belonged at her most important job - being a PARENT, not running around with her boyfriend.

De said...

Wow, talk about a high minded attitude, mngddess.

You sure spilled out quite a bit of sanctimonious sexist shite of your own.

Your outdated statements, which seem to suggest you think she deserved to die a horrible death for daring to have a life outside of her children, or that it was at least her own fault for not being 'where she belongs'.

Does she need to be barefoot and in the kitchen of the palace too?

Did it EVER occur to you that perhaps there were reasons she stayed away more after the divorce? You DON'T know the intimate details of their divorce settlement or their mutual decision on the raising of THEIR children.
Unless of course, you're Prince Charles. Are you? No? Then STFU yourself.

To suggest that its her own fault for doing charitable work that benefited people besides those that reside in the UK or in a proximity to her kids? Wow. I can't believe you're actually advocating that stance.

Yah, she got more publicity because she was 'pretty' - so she was clever, and used the publicity to help charities around the world. Because, I dunno, she ws being selfless? And a good person? Wow, I guess we should really get down on her for that.

Ignorant, backwards, sexist comments like yours are what I'm sick of hearing.
What I'm sick of hearing about is how the only meaningful thing a woman can do is squirt out a baby and then stick around for 18+ years and give up her own identity to be 'mummy'. That that's the most important thing in the whole wide big stupid OMG world and that nothing she does with her life comes close to being that important or meaningful. And that she wasn't allowed to fall in love in her life, or be her own person.
Nope, she's to be "mummy" or she deserves to die, apparently. Or its at least her own fault.

And I'm sick of hearing "well if you were a better mother/wife/narrow-definition-of-a-woman-that-i've-invented then these bad things wouldn't happen to you."

What a hateful, narrow view of the world. If it didn't make me so mad I'd pity you.

K said...

Jax, don't take too much notice of conspiracy theories, especially those spouted by Al Fayed, who's crazier than Diana ever was, if truth be told.

Diana was not sound in mind after a terrible childhood, and those old (royal) biddies who shoved her and Charles (who didn't have a good childhood either) together have to be found accountable for making both their lives a misery.

Philip speaks his mind about her not towing the Firm's line and he's suddenly a murderer?


Even Diana's divorce lawyer Mishcon noted she was paranoid and spoke a load of crap.

This was an accident,pure and simple, and the jury will find that and then Al-fayed will continue to whinge about it being murder. Unless some helpful Egyptian could shut him up for embarrassing their nation.

jax said...

De anne I love you.

mngddess said...
The only one who's ingnorant is you with your fucking high minded attitude. Murder? That's stretching it. Go crawl back into your hole where you belong. She belonged at her most important job - being a PARENT, not running around with her boyfriend.
Bitch you don't your ass from your elbow. High minded? Is that another way to say Educated? Something you are clearly not? Murder is stretching it? Do you not know what an inquiry is??? EL would you enlighten this dumbass.

If I wasn't laughing at your sad lil ass I'd be pissed. But people like you make me laugh all indignant and pointing fingers like you have a clue..its so cute. Like seeing a dog chase its tail.

jax said... conspiracy theory it's all fact man, look er up.

As for the Royal Family's take on all are talking about one of the most powerful famillies with the most connections in the world..I highly doubt they are going to offer any information up for debate -fact or fiction.

You guys need to remember her sons are the ones pushing for this NOT Fayed alone. No one would spend millions of dollars on a whim.

De said...

aw jax, luv u too :P

I get so worked up when I see such ridiculously narrowmindedness touted around as if its the proper way to look at things and that anything outside of those boundaries is "wacky" or "wrong".

I mean, my Goodness, its 2007.
*shakes head*

I find that as the world moves toward being a global community, you (universal you) have to keep your mind open and be accepting of different cultures and views or you're going to be left behind.

That some people can't understand that they're becoming cultural RELICS in an age of information and change - that's pretty sad.
And maddening at times.

on topic: I think it was a terrible accident and tragedy that obviously touched and upset lots of people, regardless of the cause. And I think that her sons have come out of it far better adjusted that some other people might have. And that's really all I have to say on it haha.

K said...

Jaz, if it was 'fact', there'd be no need for inquiry, would there? If it's a fact, is it also a fact the holocaust never happened? Some people still believe that, don't they? 9/11 was a plot derived to give a good excuse to go to war and secure oil rights, wasn't it? Cos there are certainly people who believe that!

Diana was embarrassing in so many ways (and I had no rose tinted image of her from the beginning, trust me; I certainly wouldn't wish her death upon her at any time), but to plot to murder her and turn her into some saint after everyone fell for her manipulative actions before she was even divorced .. really, that's just ridiculous in my view.

However, let's put it this way, some people seriously believe a conspiracy, as you do, some don't, as I don't. But people can be seriously wrong. We shall see...

Her sons are more likely want this to stop the conspiracy theories at last!

de anne: you are right, her sons have come out of this better than I anticipated. I was one of the few with serious doubts about that marriage from the start (all the FUSS over here! Jeeze! And she was SOOOO after Andrew! I think she had the hots for him until the end, though Dodi was nice looking and seemed to be a very good friend (with benefits) at the very least.

We got a day off work before The Wedding to go and sit in Green Park and pretend to be happy for the new couple - it was more an excuse for a giant piss-up and a grand picnic basket for my office, like we needed any excuse to do that at any time!), and the boys are very well adjusted, considering their nutcase families on both sides.

MnGddess said...

Dear Jax,

I'm rubber and your're glue....

Oh, never mind. I'm laughing too hard at you.

Love your gangsta attitude, by the way.

K, thank you for your intellingent opinion.

chirhokappa said...

Princess Diana was and remains the only upcoming figure in today's politics. Her sudden and tragic death have not been investigated by the proper people as questions swirl around her death. She was a key figure and the circumstances of her last minutes are scary and will eventually lead to more questions about how she died. She was featured in every news story until the time of her death.

Unknown said...

The reason that Diana was not with her children, at least at the time of her death, was because they were at Balmoral Castle in Scotland with the rest of the royal family. Diana was no longer a part of that family, so she was not present there and spent that August on her own.

As for Diana's charities to be closer to home... She had charities in the UK. Like the Red Cross, which allowed her to travel to other countries to bring focus on causes. Her other charities like Centrepoint also were in UK. William is now patron of said charity.

Diana was pushed out of the way by the royal family, especially after the separation. Diana felt that England was no longer her home because of it. She considered moving, but felt that she could never be far from her sons. In fact, she had called them many times during that time in France and had made plans to have dinner with her sons when they returned from Balmoral that summer.

She was a great woman who sadly died tragically.

Unknown said...

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