Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It appears that Britney Spears sent Amy Winehouse some of her special lollipops.
Demi Moore is giving Melanie Griffith a run for her money as the most jealous spouse in Hollywood.
Jamie Lynn Sigler could be as jealous as she wanted if she was my spouse.

Jenna Bush promotes her new book.
Gisele Bundchen at the very same restaurant as Britney Spears 24 hours earlier. Which one didn't try and order Cheetos as a side dish?
The lovely and talented Cate Blanchett at the premiere of her new film.
The less lovely and less talented Clay Aiken sucking up to Jenna Bush.
Who thinks Vanessa Hudgens can even find Iraq on a blank world map, even if you spot her the letter I.

The first one was too soft. The next one was too hard. I can't go on for as many pillows as Renee Zellweger bought.
I'm guessing the Olsen twins aren't going to be the best dressed people at Paris fashion week.
The story would be more interesting if this wasn't taken on a movie set.
"Wear the dress Kelly. It makes you look great." That person has now been fired.


Tracee said...

Yuck! Amy's arms are ghastly. And seriously ent you REALLY don't have to show pictures of Clay. Actually I beg of you not to show his pic. One look and I can't eat for the rest of the day.

Majik said...

Even from a distance I can tell the purse-strings that are Renee Zwelleger's abouchure and pulled WAAAAAAAY too tight. That's why she's so skinny, y'know--her mouth's too small to get anything bigger than Kenny Chesney's winkie into it (hence the divorce, it all fits!!!).

And, BTW....I just noticed Kelly Clarkson's got some might short dikey fingernails goin' on. You don't see too many singers nowadays with short nails. Must be a reason. I'm jus' sayin'.

Majik said...

That was supposed to be 'ambouchure'--whatever. Her friggin' mouth's way too small.

Tracee said...

LOL!!! Short nails are for lesbians? hmm, good catch majik!

jlb said...

Ashton only looks happy these days when wifey's not around...which doesn't seem to be often. I wonder if she was that possessive before they got married.

Unknown said...

the word of the day is "embouchure" it is a musical term to keep ones lips tight in order to play an instrument ie, trumpet, sax, (meat) flute.

Unknown said...

Oh puleeze. No such thing as short nails for the lesbians. They wear them long, medium, short or nail-bitten. Just like the rest of us.

Amy Whinehouse has the skankiest looking tats on those skinny arms of hers. Ugh.

__-__=__ said...

Cate does appear to be lovely and talented until you see the Brooke Hogan shoes she wore with that outfit. Disgraceful!

Jenna Bush?!?!?! I thought this was an upscale blog!!! Any time Austin, TX decides they don't like someone just follow suit. Trust.

Renee does not appear to be aging gracefully.

Olsens should be ashamed. All that money and no real fashion. Just sad.

bluegirl said...

Hmm, I think Clay's put on a few too.

And am i the only one incredibly irritated by the Olsens and their "fashion"?

Unknown said...

"Any time Austin, TX decides they don't like someone just follow suit."

What happened to Jenna in Austin?


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