Thursday, October 04, 2007

Britney Is Going To Have To Cough Up A Lung

Ala Ferris Bueller, Britney Spears is going to have to cough up a lung or something if she misses the next court hearing scheduled for October 26 in the ongoing custody dispute between Kevin Federline and herself.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, once Britney actually lost the kids it was going to be very difficult to get them back, and that she would be lucky to get supervised visits. Guess what? Kevin keeps the kids and Britney gets supervised visits. As you have probably guessed from reading about Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, supervised visits suck, and you have to pay for the person supervising you.

No more going out anywhere with the boys. She will probably need to stay home with the kids. Of course as many people do, Britney might balk at the supervised visits or hate them like everyone else and so just not see her kids. That happens frequently.

Although you generally don't have to appear at court hearings, when they involve child custody it is ALWAYS a good idea to go because the court reporter will note if the parent is there and it shows the judge you are willing to take time off from work, or in Kevin's case sleeping, to come in and show the judge, "Hey I love my kids and will do anything to be with them."

I think the judge wants Britney to come in so he can admonish her and tell her what is expected of her before she can get the kids back.

Rumors are swirling that Britney is headed to rehab. That would be the equivalent of coughing up a lung, and probably be very good in the long run, although the judge is still going to keep all his orders in place. Just going to rehab won't get him to change his mind.


MnGddess said...

<<..she will probably need to stay at home with the kids..>>

That's OK. She can do shots with them at home.

Oy Vey.


kellygirl said...

the fact that she relinquished custody two days early and did not show up to court today
speaks volumes

Unknown said...

I hate this ho.

she wanted to lose those kids.

and I MEAN JESUS, how effing hard is it to take care of your kids when your that rich?! you dont even have to see them!!! you could let nannies raise them, and this dumbass still loses custody of her kids.

That speaks volumes.

Unknown said...

hah, kelly thats weird, we were both thinking in volumes at the same time.

Diva said...

I don't understand why won't ppl lay off K-fed? Every blog I read, some remark is slipped in about him being lazy or a gold digger. I'm sure Britney was the one chasing him anyway it just sucks b/c at least someone is trying to care for the boys!

He may not have bigger bank than Britney but he obviously has a bigger heart!

imtiredsotired- ^5 to you... I AGREE! From what I understand is SUPER hard to lose your kids in Ca. She already has fame, money & being the Mother going for her in the eyes of the court.. she must have REALLY farked up!

Unknown said...

I honestly think that se must be going thru some kind of post partem coupled with the drugs and alcohol. How any mother could relinquish custody two days early and not even give a crap is beyond my comprehension. I miss my son from the second I say goodbye and give him to daycare in the morning til the second i bite his little cheeks again. And if I didn't HAVE to work, I wouldn't. Although I am appalled by her, I have to keep thinking it's something more of a mental unbalance than just a "these kids are in the way of my happiness" feeling.

WTF said...

I called Bullshit on the postpartem. It sounds good but admit it, she just doesn't want to be a mother. Some women don't, most decide BEFORE the kids are conceived or born.

At least they're safe with Kevin. He may not be a good boyfriend but he's a great father in my book.

Miss X said...

Brit was pushed into stardom at a young age...the kids are the first time she's had real responsibility. Seriously, who would want to be responsible if they didn't have to be?

The girl is suffering from some serious post partem depression combined with who knows what else?

Too bad she doesn't realize her boys are going to HATE her when they grow up.

I really, really hope the girl goes to Rehab and gets help. And recognizes her problems.


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