Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. I was going to say Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland, but hey, it's already been done.
From this angle, Jack just looks like a crazy old man who isn't making any sense to the Amish lady next to him.
"I thought this water was supposed to make you smart."
I'm sure Barry Bonds is enjoying this public appearance with his wife, the same day his ex-mistress says in a Playboy interview and pictorial that Bonds is an awful lover, violent, and a tightwad. "And what do you have to say about that Mrs. Bonds?"
Lady Victoria Hervey is not being very lady like. But I kind of like that. So is the Chanel bracelet just a simple f**k you to the rest of the world who can't afford one, or is there some specific beauty appeal that I'm missing?

It's not often I feel sorry for Kirsten Dunst, but she has to be thinking that maybe she should just start buying her own clothes instead of letting Lagerfeld's coffee and cigarette breath wash over her like that while being groped and pawed.
Jason Scott Lee here seen at the Pusan Film Festival has obviously watched the sly middle finger salute so carefully crafted by Simon Cowell.
I don't care if Janet Jackson exercises, starves herself or does lines of coke for 10 days straight, she can look amazing when she wants too. Damn.
Of course her brothers remind me of N'Sync whenever they get in the same room with Justin Timberlake.
It's been awhile since Victoria Beckham really got to let it all hang out again. But on the mom front she did take her youngest son Cruz with her when she went to Paris.

I am having a very tough time saying this, but Sarah Michelle Gellar looks pretty. That was like passing a stone. The only thing worse would be actually going out with Denise Richards. You know, I take that back, I would go out with Denise Richards because I want to know everything. So she stalks me for a few weeks and leaves dead mice on my doorstep. I think it would be worthwhile to hear what she has to say. Of course half of it wouldn't be true but it would still be fun to see those eyes get all beady while she sucks down the chapstick and rambles on about Charlie Sheen.
I didn't know they made Toughskins anymore, but Stephen J Cannell of A-Team fame seems to have found a pair. Either that or the bottom half of a leisure suit which he was wearing before his date Vanessa Williams was even born.
See what happens when you go to In-N-Out. Rebecca Gayheart gained a few pounds this week and now is getting back to being her amazing self.
Michelle Williams transforms into Mia Farrow.


Mother Campfire said...

Seriously. What is the deal with Michelle Williams? It's not cute...and she used to be adorable. Stupid Heath.

Tracee said...

I got an eyeful of Diane's bitties! Ent, you gotta warn me when I'm gonna see granny titties. I have horrible childhood flashbacks.

Ninabeth84 said...

1. ewwww old lady nipples

2. I am so tired of Karl Lagerfeld. He looks like the white european version of Michael Jackson. Enough with the leather gloves, tight collars, and even tighter pants. I truly feel bad for whatever male model or cabana boy has to diddle him. blech.

Reese said...

Not only are the '60s over Diane, you are in your 60s. Put on a damn bra!

Miss X said...

So the singer who lost weight on the 'crack diet' WAS Janet. I finally got one right (well, I think I did)!!

Charles said...

Wow. I remember Stephen J. Cannell when he was white.

I guess that sounds racist, but geez. It's like the guy's a chameleon. If he stands next to Jackie Chan, will he look Asian?

Unknown said...

mmmmm... nothing like an Amish cougar... meee-ow

Unknown said...

Does this mean that Janet Jackson is the answer to this blind item:

#4 This curvy female singer didn't lose all her recent weight just with diet and exercise, but with a little help from a knife and some pills.

Nosey Parker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blooter said...

whats the sitch with sarah michelle gellar?


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