Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rebound Love Never Lasts--Pete Doherty Gets Engaged

I didn't even think Pete Doherty could afford a ring, let alone find the time to date while stuck in a residential rehab facility. Apparently however, the junkie can do more than one thing if he puts his mind to it. Last night in Paris, during Fashion Week, Irina Lazareanu, was asked by a newspaper about the engagement ring she was wearing and she said, "I very recently got engaged."

I think this marriage is destined for success. Pete might have to work a little harder because Irina doesn't make as much as Kate and so Pete may actually have to contribute something other than his crack pipe collection to the marriage to make it work. Of course Irina may be out of work since she was the face of Kate Moss' fashion line.

Now of course, Irina didn't come out and say it was Pete she was engaged to. Hell for all we know she could be engaged to some rich guy who she met on the internet. Now, assuming she is engaged to Pete, will she ever get him to the altar. Mr. Crack can't walk five feet without getting arrested, but somehow he always manages to twist and turn his unwashed body out of the clutches of marriage. How many times did he escape weddings with Kate by "having to go to rehab" or "overdosing." Yep, our Pete sure is sneaky.

3 comments: said...

I'll let you know if I'm happy as soon as I research her trainwreck-ability factor.

Town Bike said...

I thought Irina was BFFs with Kate Moss or something?

Kristy said...

irina is supposed to be in a relationship with sean lennon.. i'm assuming she just cheats on him all the time with pete, but the ring is from sean.


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