Friday, October 05, 2007

Jessica Alba In EGO Ukraine


wood1107 said...

Isn't this the same girl who refuses to do nude scenes because she doesn't want to be objectified and cheapen her 'art'?

With these shots, it looks like she knows her place. All looks, no substance.

Tracee said...


Hot body though. This must've been before the Warren breakup.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

The last photo, and I think the first photo, have been around for a couple years; this might be an old photo shoot.

Not that it matters; you don't have to have a personality to be f-ing smoking hot.

Kory said...

In the second photo she looks like a cross between a raccoon and Sharon Stone. I also agree that she says things like "why do people think I'm sexy?" Maybe if you took pics with actual clothes on, people would look at you differently.

jax said...

My guy friend took a look and said "Meh..she's kinda...vacant"

I love him.

Unknown said...


Kathy K said...

I would like anyone to be able to photograph me and have the pictures come out like that.

Well, they probably could in half lighting shooting a fun house mirror image of me instead of the real me.

But still.

mandjo said...

Jeez, for some reason, she reminds me of Beyonce in #3!

Unknown said...

These are old pictures. Circa Into The Blue.


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