Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pete Doherty Is Cleaner Than Lindsay Lohan

Not clean as in shower clean, because honestly, with the exception of his lover Amy Winehouse, have you ever seen a celebrity who needed a bath more. No, the cleanliness has to do with the fact that Pete managed to stay clean during his sex weeks of rehab, while according to Star Magazine, Lindsay Lohan has failed at least one drug test in rehab, is mixing drug cocktails and sips vodka out of a water bottle. Should make for one hell of a party with her dad.

Although not personally in court today, Pete Doherty's attorney was and the judge had nothing but good things to say about Pete and his skills as a rent-a-boy. The judge must have been stiffed at least once though because he decided against ruling on Pete's sentence until after Pete has been out of rehab and on the streets for a few weeks. Unless you are Lindsay Lohan it is much easier to stay sober when you are in a residential rehab center than out on the streets and I don't think anyone is convinced Pete can stay clean until his next court appearance at the end of the month.

Hope he does, so that way maybe bathing could be his next priority.


Sarah J. MacManus said...

Volunteers to hose & soap down Pete.

kellygirl said...

Pete's LOVER Amy Winehouse???
did I miss something?

__-__=__ said...

Yes Kellysirkus, you missed it. They hooked up in that hotel. It was a drug thing, and of course a sex thing. Maybe two months back?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

NOOOOOOOOO!!! The only thing holding Pete together is the dirt, held firmly with a topcoat of smoke scum. Take that away and he'll fall apart.

Anonymous said...

laura - eww. that should be someone's community service assignment.

Anyway, love the typo Ent ("sex weeks of rehab"), but I think that's another thing that belongs to Linds.

Tracee said...

Hell just froze over with that headline Ent. Are we SURE it was his pee and not one of his kittens?


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