Friday, October 05, 2007

Darjeeling Limited Premiere

the people in the background have that horrified look on their face because Adrien Brody just started doing his Robot dance.
That picture of Gandhi in the background is really ruining some pleasant flashbacks and fantasies I used to have about Kelly Lynch. I thought she quit acting after they made her pretend to be in love with Jim Belushi in that damn Curly Sue movie.

James Van Der Beek and his wife Heather McComb. I was going to say something snarky about the boots, but they both look so stoned, I think we should be lucky they managed to find clothes to wear at all.
Wow, make Jason Schwartzman take a shower and spent $99 on a new suit and he can look pretty decent.
On the other hand. A $99 suit isn't going to be enough for Jonah Hill.
All I want for Christmas is to get Angelica Huston drunk and hear everything she has to say about everyone, especially Jack Nicholson.
All Wes Anderson wants for Christmas is a yellow suit to match this one so he can be the new spokesperson for Sprite.

Shiva Rose. Nothing to say really. Just when Shiva shows up, I love to type her name. She has the best name ever. Isn't she getting divorced? I couldn't go out with her because I would just keep repeating her name over and over with a Rainman head nod and she would flee. Quickly flee.
Phoebe Price. The fluffer girl of Hollywood Premieres.
Before I even clicked his lames ass picture, I said to myself, I bet that jackass Peter Bogdanovich is wearing a damn bandanna.
I know I am probably alone in this, but I just can't get into Natalie Portman. I know, I know, there is no way I am going to get in Natalie Portman, I just cannot get into liking her or her movies and don't really see what the big deal is.


Stacey Charter said...

Is it me or does Jason Schwartzman look like Adam Levine in that picture... a little dweebier but still Adam levine.

Unknown said...

Pheobe Price's My Space page states she is 29( I googled because I was wondering) I thought she was in her late 40's,what the hell has she had "done"? With that said. I'm 40 and look younger than her.

littleoleme said...

Could I please also be on the couch on the other side of Drunk Angelica - I can only imagine the stories she could tell.

MnGddess said...

Irish - I totally agree. (And how 'bout them Eagles...)

and Ent - you know you have a suit just like the one Adrien has on...

Little, you are absolutely correct - that could could tell enough stories to fill three books!


Jennifer Chandler said...

I just don't see what the big deal is about Natalie Portman either.

Tracee said...

So it Ent. are you telling us that Peter is probaly the one who raped Cybil? Just askin.

And Adrien isn't doing the robot, he's moonwalking, his next move is the grab your junk and scream. said...

Adrien Brody - he's doing the Safety Dance....cuz that outfit and skinny tie is soooooo 80's baby.

Jonah Hill looks like Jack Osbourne's psychotic cousin.

Phoebe Price was Erin Walton (of Walton's Mountain) in a former life.

I'll take Natalie Portman over Jessica Alba any day.

jax said...

What a shame that American Airlines lost Adrian's luggage and he was forced to wear Jamie Fox's suit from dreamgirls to his own premier.

bluegirl said...

Phoebe Price 29? Um, I don't think so...maybe ten years ago.

I don't like Natalie Portman either. Never have.

But I like Jonah Hill. He's kind of cute, but very hairy. In fact, if he grows a bit more hair he could look like that wolf/boy in Teen Wolf. Ha ha.

Jerry said...

Enty, from another man {namely, me}...

Natalie Portman always looked like she belongs in some fresh episode of something on the WB...errr, UPN...errr, CW. And I thought her acting in the Star Wars movies was poor. Come to think of it, I thought everything about those movies was bad.

It's not that I don't like her, it's that I don't care about her.

Unknown said...

Every time people wonder what the big deal is about an actress, ask yourself this:

1) Has she been nude in a movie, tv show or scandal, if no, then

2) Was she in tv or movies when she was a child and has kind of 'grown up ' on screen (while still presently having the body of a teenager/prepubescent?), if no, then

3) Has she dropped a lot of weight lately, if no, then

4) Is she dating someone more famous or well-recognised, if no,

5) Is she related to someone more famous or well-recognised, if no,

6) Then conclude she must either have genuine acting talent and ability, or hitting is the casting couch - hard.

It's usually the looks-like-a-child thing, played a cheerleader thing, or the still resembles a child in some ways thing, particularly if they were onscreen as a kid and then grew up. And if she's done all that and never been naked in a film and is generally conservatively put together in public then that just adds to the appeal for some people.

Seriously, I suspect that flags most actresses people have a 'huh?/overrated' response to.


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