Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beyonce Too Good For Malayasia

Gwen Stefani did it, but apparently Beyonce doesn't know any other way to perform except in sexy outfits. Beyonce was scheduled to perform in Malaysia, but has cancelled, over what her agent called a scheduling conflict (utter crap) but is in reality because Beyonce doesn't want to bend to the will of the government of Malaysia.

Although Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country with sizable non-Muslim minorities, conservative groups often frown upon departures from strict Koranic injunctions.

Beyonce was particularly incensed that she wouldn't be able to do her normal dance moves and would have to be more restrained while on stage.

Last August, singer Gwen Stefani proceeded with her show in Malaysia despite calls from Muslim students who demanded that the event be cancelled as being too obscene.
But she wore no revealing costumes in line with the guidelines, and although Gwen called it confining, the show was a sold out success and Gwen is now one of the most popular performers in Malaysia.

I think Beyonce is being a huge diva here and should bend just a little. She is acting just like the terrible American you always see whenever you travel who is always bitching that everything is not exactly like his living room back home. I dislike people who can't open their minds to the fact that there are other people in this world and other thoughts and ideas. All Beyonce has done is shown a country in the world that she thinks she is above them, above their traditions and thinks their ideas are wrong ideas. She likes living in her little private jet, Jay-Z can have me twice a week as long as he buys me something first kind of world, and hope she learns that the world is not set to Beyonce time.


gillian said...

Malaysia boleh.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

ENT for God's sake, over-sexed performing is all she knows how to do!

Tania said...

Exactly, Brendalove! So why did the (presumably Muslim) Malaysian promoters and venue owners even book her? I said the same thing when the Malaysian conservative groups gave Stefani a hard time.

A cynical person COULD say that they book sexy performers to rile up the conservatives (who, just as in the US, probably don't speak for the majority), and thus get more publicity......

Jerry said...

Although I believe nearly all performers are divas and should be spanked thoroughly, I have to disagree with Ent here.

Whether you like what she does or not, she has every right to perform the way she wants to. Don't take the art away from the artist.

Having said that, I wouldn't pay 10¢ to see her.

Virgo74 said...

I have to disagree with this post.

If B wants to shake her booty all over the stage, then she should be able to do it!

As for her and Jay, and am still at a lost for that relationship. He has a male football player "roommate"? Wow.


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