Monday, October 01, 2007

I Actually Feel Sorry For Lindsay

As I'm sure you have read, Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan are planning a little father daughter getaway in which they will spend five days alone together at a secret location. It will only be a secret until Michael decides who will be the highest bidder for the exclusive photos of his joyful reunion with his daughter.

Frankly, I don't think this is a very good idea for Lindsay. I doubt very much if any of us could survive five minutes alone with Michael Lohan, let alone five days without being seriously medicated, and/or drunk. They barely have spoken in two years and now they are going to be shacked up in some cabin in the woods Shining style. This should work out fabulously.

It's nice to see that he's taking such an interest in his eldest daughter's well-being. How much alone time has he spent with his other children who don't earn quite so much or are not in the news as much?


ashley said...

i heard that lindsay and dakota are the only two of his kids that want him to be in their lives

ablake said...

It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be a single person who knows how to be/will actually be an adult in that family.
The parents are the absolute worst, no wonder she's so screwed up. She's old enough to be held accountable for her decisions however, hope this one works out for ya Lindsay.

__-__=__ said...

It's like a bad date that won't end for her.

jax said...

to be fair- Lindsay is the only kid whos in rehab and needs the 5 days with him and second with a mom like Dina its no wonder the younger kids have nothing to do with Michael..who knows what garbage she spews about him.
Maybe Linds and Dakota are old enought to see the truth from the scandal?

Jim said...

He is not allowed to see the younger ones unless it is supervised.

Michael Jr. does not want to see him.

I think she needs her father now, the rehab center counselors think he is the best for her. He is supposed to be clean while Dina is still on the boog suge.

She needs a father figure in her life. Maybe he will be it? Couldn't hurt to try.

Unknown said...

50 bucks sayz she bangs him.

Who's in????

bluegirl said...

Oooh yuk diage860!!

But being the nympho that she is can she really go five days without sex?? Ewww.

Unknown said...

I'm bangin' Blewgirl.

Virgo74 said...

This is just horrible!!! But I feel as though she is hiding in rehab.


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