Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pamela Anderson Gets Off On Marriage Licenses

Can anyone else think of a better reason why she wanted to marry Kid Rock in thirty different places, and now gets a marriage license with Rick Saloman but doesn't really plan on getting married to him and isn't even engaged.

I think she loves the idea of marriage, just everything following the license is just one big mess.

Anderson says, "I'm not really engaged. I don't know what I am... we may never get that far."

Well whatever happens I'm sure there will be some video documenting their relationship. You would think that after spending one night in Paris that Rick would have had his fill of going to dangerous destinations. But, I guess after spending one night in Paris, everything else must be tame and certainly less dangerous.


Diva said...

UGH Dont even get me started on Pam. She needs to go home to her boys and stop whoring around all the time. You know her kids are old enough to surf the net by now.. geez! said...

All the ho's in Ho-ville can't hold a candle to her ho-iness.


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