Monday, October 01, 2007

Pamela Anderson Engaged To Her Trick

Pamela Anderson recently admitted sleeping with Paris Hilton's ex Rick Saloman to pay off gambling debt. Now she is taking her whoredom one step further and is engaged or may even be married to her former trick. Being married to Rick doesn't mean she has to stop seeing other guys. I'm sure if Tommy Lee or even Kid Rock can come up with enough money, she would sleep with them for one night also. Of course she may have to give Rick a cut.

You may all remember Rick Saloman as the guy who sold the sex tape of Paris behind her back and no doubt already has eyes on an entire DVD collection with his new hooker, porn star wife Pamela Anderson. Playboy better hurry if they still want the Pamela Anderson Denise Richards photo spread because Rick has those dollar signs spinning in his head faster than Pamela Anderson can take off her clothes for someone who has some money and a video camera.


ablake said...


Khemenu said...

The sad thing is he has two daughters in their early teens, and she has two sons who are close to early teens themselves. I know people are all about "Just cause I'm a parent doesn't mean I have to stop l-i-v-i-n!" but still, shouldn't they calm down by the time their kids are old enough to google without supervision?

I can't believe he was married to E.G. Daily.

wood1107 said...

Echoing khemenu:

I wonder how her kids feel about the revolving door of husbands/johns.

kellygirl said...

Gosh, I guess it's kind of a toss-up now for
Father of the year:

Tommy Lee or K-Fed!

bluegirl said...

I loved all the work Pamela did for PETA but this getting married to whoever she's screwing is just wrong. Especially for her boys. What kind of a role model would Rick Saloman be for them?

Virgo74 said...

I feel she sets a bad example for her boys.


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