Monday, October 01, 2007

No Sequel To Waterworld

In a recent interview, Kevin Costner stated that he has never made a sequel to one of his films and never will. Kevin thinks that sequels are too easy and that, "making sure fire box-office hits would take the excitement out of his work."

Well I for one have been clamoring for a sequel to Waterworld and The Postman but I'm sure Kevin is correct when he says they would be sure-fire box office hits, and really what would be the fun of that?

I also think that he would suddenly see the light if someone offered him $100M to do a Robin Hood or Bull Durham sequel. Then he would be saying something like, "I wasn't ever going to do a sequel, but when I saw this script, and had the chance to work with such good people, I couldn't pass up the opportunity."

Until someone decides they want to see a 50 year old man playing Robin Hood or Whitney's bodyguard turned crack dealer, I will just have to keep dreaming of Rumor Has It 2.


Khemenu said...

I actually liked Waterworld.

But I still think Kevin Costner is an ass.

SpaSuzy said...

Yeah, Francis Ford Coppella was just being lazy and copping out while making Godfather II...

Unknown said...

Yeah, Waterworld gets beat down more than it deserves. There are way, way worse movies out there.

captivagrl said...

i liked water world....really


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