Friday, October 05, 2007

I Got You Babe

So Lindsay Lohan is done and gone with rehab, but she may be bringing a little piece of rehab home with her. It seems as if Ms. Lohan has found a new love in rehab. No, I am not talking about the stupid idiot married to the billionaire who decided to give up the money, the wife, and the two kids just to have four minutes of sex in a bathroom with some freckled girl 20 years his junior.

This is not even the guy who has smuggled her in vodka, or the one she apparently bought beer with, or even the one she slept with at the beginning of rehab.

No, this guy is special. His name is Chesare and he is the 19 year old son of Sonny Bono. Chesare was admitted so he can try and rid himself of his addiction to pain killers. I guess he was so infatuated with Lindsay that he forgot that she had been passed around more than a joint at Snoop's house.

Chesare who likes to go by Chez has been telling everyone who will listen that he and Lindsay have something special and they plan on moving in together when his time in rehab is up.

I hate to tell you this Chez. But you should just enjoy the fact you had some rehab sex, and let it go because Lindsay isn't going to move in with you.


mab said...

do butterflies fly out of lilo's cooch? i dont understand why the men go mad for her. is it technique or star power?

also, is she out of rehab? i heard she was going to LA for a doctors appt, and then she was going straight back.

Unknown said...

she had been passed around more than a joint at Snoop's house.


I try not to comment on Lohan psots because I'm trying to ignore her, hoping enough others will do the same and she will finally go away.

But that got me LOL

Toni said...

Is that a pic of Chez??? Damn!!!!

Unknown said...

nothing like getting laid for the first time.

GammaGirl said...

"she had been passed around more than a joint at Snoop's house." GOLD STAR!

Who ISN'T Lindsay boinking in rehab? I will say that Chaz as a slammin body!

Reese said...

Your comment about "passed around more than a joint at Snoop's house" almost caused me to drown in my hot chocolate Enty! Gold star indeed!

Anonymous said...

One of the best lines EVER. Thanks for the extra does of snark today! said...

What did this guy do, pop pills and work out??

Jerry said...

Seems like getting involved with her will cause him to need even more painkillers.


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