Monday, April 07, 2008

All Of Us Would Be In Jail Or Guantanamo

Next time you get on an international flight, think about what would happen if you started screaming and yelling at the crew members on the plane. I mean really letting them have it. Then, after the police arrive, really reach back deep into your lungs and throat and whip out the biggest glob of spit you can and hit a policeman with it.

Now, after being tasered and subjected to a full body cavity search, what do you think would happen to you? Honestly, you would probably get about six months if you were arrested in the UK, and probably spend about a year in a secret prison if you are were arrested in the US.

So, when Naomi Campbell was told she would be getting off with just a warning for her actions last week she should have been grateful right? Not Naomi. She says she was only arrested because she is black. That's right. Everyone in the world who is white is free to scream and yell at flight crew and just spit with impunity on police officers. Right now, I am just thinking about lunch time and how many of LA's finest I can find so I can spit on them. Security guards, sheriff deputies. Anyone is fair game. I can taunt them after I spit at them, knowing that the words of Naomi Campbell will protect me.

I always thought Naomi Campbell was a beautiful woman with an anger management problem. I didn't realize that she was also an idiot. Her position is so out there that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are just pretending they don't hear her. Does she really think that she only got arrested because she is black?

I will say that the only reason she is getting off with a warning is that she is a celebrity. There is no way that any of us would ever get off with just a warning. Think I am wrong? Go take a look at some of the sentences handed down to people who have only used words on a plane and not actually done anything physical. I honestly cannot believe she would say that, or even think that.

I think that in the past I have been pretty fair to Naomi and have said nice things despite her love and affection for flying cellphones. That changes. No more nice things to say ever until she comes out and apologizes for saying what she said. An admission that she is getting off with a warning because she is a celebrity would be nice as well, but I will start with an apology directed to everyone in the world she offended with that statement.


Anonymous said...

Naomi's just your typical angry black chick with a chip on her shoulder. I remember her recent claims that she'd never been on the cover of Vogue because she's black...and she's actually been on it, eight times at least! She just wants someone to blame, and white people are the easiest targets because everyone loves to, and is allowed to, hate us.

Lux Luthor said...

Oh please. This privileged bitch has never faced discrimination in her entire life. She just insulted the millions of people who actually HAVE been discriminated against. What a cunt.

Majik said...

Tina Fey said "bitch is the new black"...perhaps Naomi misinterpreted what she meant.

C'mon over here, Naomi--I'll teach you some manners and give you a few blues to go with that black.

Oh, how I hate her.

jax said...

the good news is that BA is looking to give her a Lifetime Ban.
there is a few celebs out there with a BA ban but its all hush hush..they take this stuff serious.
So next time you hear a celeb say "oh I only fly Virgin Air" think about

Naomi get over yourself you used up hasbeen. go whore yourself out more to wealthy S. Americans.

Anonymous said...

Naomi acts like a spoil brat. Hopefully the ban will stay forever. Maybe she should walk instead of flying LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ent's right. She should at least have been sentenced to anger management again, and this time run by someone who actually would make her listen.

Anonymous said...

it would be great if the tsa put that bitch on the no fly list.

jlb said...

She should have done her little act over in the Vancouver airport - they'd have tasered her ass.

mooshki said...

Now that's chutzpah!

jax said...

JLB- but only after she wandered around for 8 hours!

Jokerista said...

Im not white, but I feel your pain, ent. I think she is a sneaky person who just abuses her race card, knowing that people wont dare contradict her openly. I love you for doing that!

Unknown said...

I agree. She's used to getting special treatment from everyone. I also believe she has major anger problems because of her massive cocaine abuse.
I also hate the new crappy commercial she's in with the dancing geckos, and the smug expression she always has on her face.
Ok. I'm done.

Unknown said...

"Her position is so out there that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are just pretending they don't hear her"

-literally rotfl (and i HATE that expression)

lachickforever said...

trix you seem like kind of an idiot.

bionic bunny! said...

@ lachick-
and what does that make you?


Jokerista said...

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

BA banned Naomi from flying. Forever. Hehe!

I had a crappy day, but news like this restores my faith in truth and justice and the British airways! :D


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