Monday, April 07, 2008

David Tennant Is Available Again

Thanks to the magic of Full Frontal Friday you already got a glimpse of what David Tennant would bring to a relationship. Now is the time for you to grab it in person should you wish. Turns out that he and Bethan Britton have called it quits after just four months.

Bethan was ticked off because David did not give her enough attention. He said it was because of work, but really I think we all know the real reason. No, it isn't because she isn't good in bed. They wouldn't have lasted four months if she wasn't good in bed. No, the real reason is she was a rebound. You never want to be the rebound.

David had just broken up with Sophia Myles who is on Thunderbirds in October and like two days later he is already in bed with Bethan. She should have known better. You don't go from a two year relationship to another one two days later and have it stick. Oh, yes, I am sure there are people for which it has worked, but generally speaking it doesn't. When you see a guy who starts dating a woman right after his ten year marriage ends, and for some reason the new relationship lasts, it is either because it started while the marriage was still going on, or it is because the guy is dating way over his head and so gives everything he has to make it work and ends up being used by the woman. Could go the other way also, but I only have the guy perspective on that.

So, if you want to take your shot at David, now would be the time. Quick. Before he starts dating some WAG castoff.


Amber said...

I just heard yesterday that he's dating this 23 year old!Don't know if I believe it yet, but supposedly she's an actress who will

Spoiler if you watch Dr Who



play his daughter in episode 6. Eewwwwww

jax said...

i think that was BI...

ablake said...

He's not the Doctor Who char I want to see:)
You do realize Torchwood is a spinoff, yes?

cheesegrater15 said...

Meh, he just isn't the Doctor for me. Now, Christopher Eccleston on the other hand. He gave the character such a great depth and lickability...uh, likability. He's so dreamy.

Tania said...

I appreciate what both the recent Doctors brought to the role. Eccleston had an edge on his whimsicality, which I liked. Tennant is lighter, but that makes it more scary when he unveils the Time Lord - (and no, I am NOT talking about his appearance in FFF! ;-)) But of the two, Tennant is more my type physically.

Sweater, let me guess - could it
be a certain Captain you wish to talk about? ;-P

Topic: yeah, rebound girl/guy is not a good thing to be, so what did she expect?
If he's got any sense he'll wait a while before he dates again.


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