Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Is Desperate To Get Naked

This story is a couple of days old, but am guessing many of you may not have heard it yet, because frankly, anything to do with Lindsay Lohan and acting you probably just move to the laughing portion of your brain.

It isn't surprising that Lindsay Lohan got another acting role, I mean someone was bound to take a chance on her, plus she's cheap. No, not cheap as in if you pick her up in a bar she will sleep with you cheap, but her acting fee, which is now just $75,000 which is down considerably from the $1M-$1.5M fee she used to command. After agents, managers, lawyers, taxes, and a greedy dad, Lindsay will be basically working for free.

The interesting thing about this role for a movie called Florence is that it requires Lindsay to be topless. Makes sense for the character who is a sex addicted waitress. Not much of a stretch for what appears to be a sex addicted actress. Prior to her Marilyn experience, Lindsay would never strip. Oh sure she would basically show the world what she had everytime she went outside, but she never took it completely off. Now however, because she wants to be taken seriously as an actress she is willing to not just go topless, but has told the producers she will take off all her clothes and even engage in sex scenes. Whatever it takes to show the world she is a serious actress.

Right now Jenna Jameson is reading this and saying to herself, "hey I always took of my clothes and had sex on screen for about the same amount of money. How come no one thought I was a serious actress?"

Nudity does not make you a serious actress. At this point I think it is more about box office. Lindsay knows there will be a bigger box office if she strips and that will lead to more and bigger offers, and lots more money in the future. It has nothing to do with being serious, so she needs to stop pretending it does.


canadachick said...

Awww our Lilo is all grown up - it happens so fast LOL - from Herbie - to nudity .....its great how cocaine and vodka can make someone a "serious" actress

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this was her idea or her mommy dearest.

Amber said...

Surprised it hasn't happened already. said...

What's really going to sting is when she does all that and STILL nobody cares.

mooshki said...

I thought the story was that she offered to go topless or naked but the producers turned her down? Much more lol-worthy.


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