Monday, April 07, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Fair warning. Towards the bottom of the photos is a photo of some bare ass. There is also a photo of Fergie. Luckily the bare ass and Fergie are not in the same photo.

Whatever you may have thought of Charlton Heston, I find it awe inspiring that he was married to the same woman for 64 years and he was an incredible actor. RIP.
I swear this is the same exact outfit down to the hat that Brad Pitt was wearing when he and Angelina and one of the 18 kids went out for beef jerky. Someone buy him some clothes before he starts cutting and wearing ballet slippers.
The lovely Anne Murray.
The always incredible Annie Lennox.
I don't know whether I should be happy that Geri Halliwell got rid of the big burly trainer, or sad that she didn't choose me. I do know that these dancer/singer relationships don't last.

Congratulations to Feist and her haul at the Juno Awards.
The Spade brothers. David and Fergie.
In 1984, Diane Sawyer got a Matrix award for journalism. The ceremony for this year was held today. You will notice behind Ms. Kneepads that the main sponsor for this journalism award is People. Nice.
So did Danny Michael bring the bike over in a big SUV or did he really ride it to the event?
The greatest.

Kelly Choi looks incredible.
So does John Legend. Does anyone look ugly today?
Hello. Do you know how skinny James Denton is to make Teri Hatcher look fat?
I love Heart and you know they must have cringed everytime one of those Idol kids sang their songs.

Sheila E. is wow.

The hilarious Russell Peters.
Paula Abdul actually looked nice. There I said it. I doubt I will ever say it again, and I am still looking forward to her Today show appearance.
Even Miley Cyrus looks good.
One of my favorite photos of the day. Michael Buble after getting his Juno.

You know, I'm guessing Woody Harrelson might have scraped something that doesn't feel good when it is scraped.

I need to find uglier people when I think that Whitney Houston looks great. Even Kevin Costner has looked worse.
I can't even begin to tell you how much this photo of Victoria Beckham disturbs me, and how much I believe she probably has done this before. Recently.
Tamyra Gray channeling that inner Grace Jones.
Sinbad just channeling. Not sure what.


Julie said...

oh my god, i got a comment on one of my pics on myspace that i look like annie lennox. i do NOT see it :P said...

The first person to talk sh*t about Ann Wilson gets cyber slapped. My girl has an 8 octave voice range. LEAVE HER ALONE!

surfer said...

Let's make a deal Ent - you can have Anne Murray, and we'll take Ann Wilson (Heart). Hands down.

Sinjin said...

Loving the Buble. He's cuddly and yummy!

jax said...

aww ya props for the Junos!
Russell Peters is a funny mofo. Too bad the MC called him Russell Simmons as the host. (Ben M you're a dork)

Anne Murray! Big That duet with Sara Brightman was not on though.

jax said...

ps is that a grey sweatsuit SUIT on John Legend? WRONG!

YahMoBThere said...

EL, my love -

Teri Hatcher looks fat??? And obese people look beautiful? (which is totally possible) Are you not seeing the hypocrisy here?

jax said...

lol TS i think it was meant how friggin skinny does James look if it appears he's smaller than Teri...who is a twig. (maybe some berries there hasn't been proof)

Reese said...

Diane Sawyer makes me gag, but she is in her 60s and certainly looks good.

babyface shane said...

mr. heston,
i'll take that gun now

YahMoBThere said...

Jax, I'd like to check Denton's

Yellow Rose said...

James Denton is VERY skinny. I actually ran into him at the 2005 World Series (game 3), in Houston (GO 'STROS!), and could not believe how tiny he was-I almost didn't recognize him. Used to think he was hot, but really skinny guys just do not do it for me. He was incredibly nice & chatted w/ me & my mom for a few minutes & even posed for pictures w/ us. Did not act like a celebrity at all, just a guy watching (supposedly) his favorite team (my Astros) in their first World Series ever.

How I wish I could've run into Matthew McConaughey instead...they showed him on the big screen a few times & I had a pretty good idea where he was sitting, couldn't bring myself to set out to find him though, too stalker-ish. :D

Majik said...

Hey, EL--please explain to me why you waited until the following Monday to post about a Hollywood LEGEND's death, but you got your "fat" ass onto your computer double-time on a Saturday (TWICE) when Miley Cyrus was photographing herself on her cell.

Really. Explain.

YahMoBThere said...

EL, don't you just love when people act like you report to them? (rolls eyes)

jax said...

IMO probably becasue most people who come to CDAN don't really care about some geriatric with a a gun fetish -fab actor or not.
It's 2008 not 1958.

Babyface- that shit cracked me up.

littleoleme said...

I love Danny Michel (not Michael-sorry to be picky) is a great artist. Thank you for including his picture. There's that song of his I love - Snowglobe. Check it out.

CarolMR said...

Yes, RIP, Mr. Heston.

Lainey said...

Re: Brad Pitt....Hmm, is there a rule that celeb's cannot wear the same clothes twice?

blankprincess said...

Whitney sorta looks pregnant in that dress, no?

anna said...

whitney's boobs look hurt-ie.

and is it just me, or does that russell peters guy look just like rik from 'the young ones?'

SHE SHE said...

I get to see Michael Buble in concert April 25th - Can't wait!!!!

Clair said...

Brad Pitt probably has twenty of the same outfit. Not because he's rich, because he's a Dad who wants comfort and doesn't want to think about what to wear.

Any time I see Anne Murray I can hear Barenaked Ladies "Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank" which is about her farmer stalker. Awesome song, love them.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Re: the Whitney photo...I think that one belongs on Awful Plastic Surgery in the "bad boob job" category--you're NOT supposed to see the outline of the implants under your skin! (She looks fine otherwise, but when a straight woman can't stop staring at someone else's tits, then you know it can't be good...)

Unknown said...

Brad Pitt can wear whatever the hell he wants. I PREFER nothing, but if he wants to wear jeans & a floppy hat he can, HE'S BRAD PITT.
LOL ;)

Geri Halliwell looks GREAT there.

AND FEIST! WOOHOO! Love her. Love love love.

Russell Peters - I have a hard time watching his stand up because he makes me laugh so hard I sound I have "issues"

I think Miley Cyrus (sp?) looks good there because she's dressed like a TEENAGER, not like she's trying to look 20. Or like a hooker. OK, she's not trying to look like a 20 year old hooker.

Buble - I know he's the answer to a few blinds, like the Lainey one re: nonstop cheating, but I KNOW he's the answer to a few more. I do not like him, but HE WAS on Kath & Kim so I have a TINY bit of respect for him.

jas faulkner said...

Brenda, you'll never hear a bad word from me about the Wilson Sisters. They're devas in every sense of the word.

Jenner, I'm seconding the Feist love. Her dress was gorgeous.

Ent, thanks for the pic of Ali.

selenakyle said...

I'm gonna venture out and say that I love Sinbad.
Funny, clean, family entertainer. Loved him in Jingle All the Way.

selenakyle said...

And Heart, too! Have not heard anything about them in years.

tiff said...

Well, when I saw Woody Harrelson's buns, I knew my workday was practically over :)

bionic bunny! said...

a few years ago, a very close friend of mine was blind-sided by an older gentleman in a corvette. when the dust cleared, she realized it was was heston, who appeared to be inebriated, although very nice. everything was taken care of quickly and he took responsibility (there were no paps).
it wasn't until later that we realized it had to have have been the earlier stages of alzheimers, and not booze.

sorry, this just reminded me of the incident.


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