Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mark Speight Is Missing

The photo above is the last known photo of Mark Speight. Mark Speight is the television host who did nothing while his girlfriend Natasha Collins overdosed on coke. Of course the reason he did nothing was that he was passed out cold from his own coke and tranquilizer binge. This photo was taken at about 226pm. It was taken about an hour after police officers had approached him in the street because he was behaving oddly. They offered to call him an ambulance or a doctor but he just rushed off. Ten minutes before the photo was taken, Mark Speight called Natasha's mother and told him to meet her so they could look at some of Natasha's favorite places. They arranged a place to meet and the train Mark is getting on would have been the correct one to meet her.

He never showed up and nothing has been heard from him since. He did take out a large sum of money from an ATM earlier in the day. My guess is maybe he had a little drug party of his own and either overdosed or is on a huge bender. Presumably something could have happened to him if he flashed a big wad of cash when he was trying to buy drugs, but really it is all speculation. If you want to read all the details, the Daily Mail seems to have the most facts.


jax said...

London is a dark and seedy place in the underbelly. anything could have happened but i'm guessing he od'd or took off. said...

That's really sad. I hope he's okay.

c17 said...

What? All of London is wired for sound (and sight)! I can't believe that BigBrotherUK (tm) doesn't know where he is!

Truly sad - I read an interview with her mum & this guy is the last link to her they have. My thoughts & prayers are with them - him, not so much.


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