Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Black Guayaba - Ft. Lauderdale
I am thinking the over under on Angie Harmon's weight is 90 pounds.
Alyson Hannigan looks really good.
It has been awhile since I posted the always depressed Emilie de Ravin.

Yay or nay on this look coming back. I really don't like it.
Da Brat looks Da _______
You know. All things considered they are pretty good actresses to pretend to be all happy to be together.
Like if I hadn't told you that was Jonathan Schaech with Brittany Snow you would have guessed it.
It's like watching I Love The 80's. You will never hear a bad thing uttered from my mouth about Jane Krakowski though as she delivered one of my favorite movie lines of all time. "Yeah, but my daddy says I'm the best." That's gold.

Glen Matlock - London
I'm just happy to see that Elliot Yamin is dealing with his mom's death and getting back to doing what he loves doing most.
It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't open a magazine or turn on the television or see a film with Estella Warren in it. The bottom drops out quickly if you are not careful.
I've decided Eddie Izzard needs a nickname. I like The Izz.

Hey Leelee Sobieski. Alicia Keys called and wants her hat back.

I love Katie Perry. And her bling. Definitely made me laugh.
An I Spy book from Katie Price. Ok. I'll play. I spy a set of really bad fake breasts.
"When you're as famous as me, then I will go ahead and remember your name. Hell, maybe I will even pretend to date you."
For all of my 12 year old fans. Here is Jesse McCartney.

It's not actually possible to get pregnant while breast feeding right? Because I have to tell you, I am getting that pregnancy vibe from Nicole Richie.

You think Matthew McConaughey is getting tired of Kate Hudson and the clothes from her mom's closet that were last seen while filming Foul Play and serving fondue.
The lovely Minka Kelly.
I never thought I would live to see the day where Axl Rose was photographed wearing a bikini.
The Feeling - London

Sean Penn alone in New York. Hey maybe Ashley Dupre has some free time.
Steve Miller - Hollywood
The lovely Shirley Manson doing some work on behalf of an AIDS organization.
"So when Robert got done having sex with all of his co-stars..."


YahMoBThere said...

LMAO about the Axl Rose comment.

I didn't know ELliott Yamin's mother, Claudette died. That's sad. I'm glad she was around to see him do something with his life, though.

Julie said...

you can get period while breastfeeding...
happens a lot. common misconception because the amenorrhea and the hormones make you feel pregnant all the time lol
when the boobs start to shrink a bit (supply tanks during pregnancy), then get scared for a new maddie baby.

oh my god Jonathan Schaech! What did Christina Applegate dooooo to you? He looks like hell.

I met Shirley Manson...well a few times. but once I literally plowed into her outside a smashing pumpkins concert that garbage opened. Shes REALLYREALLY tiny. I mean, I'm small (at the time had to have been like 95 pounds wearing soaking wet rags, maybe 5'3 at the time. I was 16) but she had to be 5flat 85 pounds haha

debra messing would look better if her durag covered her face.

everyone says I look like Alyson hanngan. Sometimes I agree, most times I do not. She looks like me when I was 16 there lol

notamuse(d) said...

yes, ENT, you can get pregnant while breast feeding. And I thought you were kidding about your lack of a sex life.

Burgundee said...

Da Brat looks like Da Bowling Champion, sans trophy.

Hairspray is much cheaper than whatever is on Debra Messing's head.

Carly Cook said...

i don't think angie harmon looks scary-skinny...i think she just has a tiny frame. she still looks pretty healthy to me.

mischa, on the other hand, is the fattest skinny girl i have ever seen, if that makes sense.

captivagrl said...

jane says that line in "vacation", i never forgot that!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Angie Harmon looks deathly. Just looking at her makes me sad...and hungry...

Debra Messing is totally rockin' the crazy eyes. That look is so ripped off of Lena LaMont in Singin' in the Rain, though.

IS Emilie De Ravin always depressed? I really like her on Lost.

Oh, ew, Lee Lee is trying way too hard. That hat is not for her.

Um wow I never expected Kate Hudson to rock something I swear I've seen on the Golden Girls, that tramp Blanche would totally wear that.

LOVE Steve Miller :)

YahMoBThere said...

Hey Leelee Sobieski. Alicia Keys called and wants her hat back.

Yeah, and Carrie Underwood called and she wants her bitch-face back.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, wacky mad libs I wanna play.
Debra's do-rag: Nay
Da Brat looks Da Stoned
Jonathan Schaech - dear lord, you used to be hot. drop the drugs, pick up the weights again, and shave that mess off your face.

I caught a satellite feed once of Jane Krakowski. She was being interviewed by a bunch of local TV stations about something she was promoting. She was so sweet and cute to the staff between talks, I've loved her ever since.

Estella Warren = blind item?

I like The Izz, too, Ent. Keep it.

captivagrl said...

is angie the answer to the coke BI? it was a few weeks back......

captivagrl said...

katie price looks like a wax figure with a really bad stylist.

selenakyle said...

OT, but way come none of us guessed Randy Quaid for the blind about the meth pipe at the party???

This Jane Krakowski comment "best line of all time" sent me right to RQ--remember, didn't he just get in trouble for his strange behavior during his STAGE run, I think in Seattle?

Been in tons of crazy favorite movies--Chevy Chase's "Vacations" as Uncle Eddie, "Kingpin" as the Amish dude...

just sayin' !!!

Kat said...

What happened to Jonathan Shaech? Ouch.

I admit to watching The View, and Barbara is beginning to sound like my grandmother after the sun went down. Love Joy, though, and Ms.Whoop.

Lee Lee looks like Lisa Marie Presley in that pic.

Maja With a J said...

I have a question about The Izz. Did he stop dressing in women's clothing for personal reasons, or is he being re-packaged for an American audience?

Just wondering because that man looked HOT in high heels.

Also, the Kate Hudson. Guldie Hawn comment...fantastic. Fondue. Ha! (Fondue, incidentally, is coming back big. 80's fashion came back and so will 80's food trends).

lutefisk said...

Debra Messing appears to be channeling Jennifer Lopez--maybe hoping for a photo deal. Is she pregnant?? Mischa really needs to keep her clothes on in public.

captivagrl said...

harriet - when promoting The Riches he seams to dress like his character Wayne/Doug. he said in an interview that the cross dressing young boy on the show is modeled after him. i'm a big fan of The Izz.

whimsicalrationale said...

Remember Jonathan Schaech in That Thing You Do? He used to be oh-so dreamy... said...


That's what I said to Debra Messing.

She might have been going for intensity and overshot to maniacal, or maybe something just crawled up her ass.

stina said...

I spy a set of really bad fake breasts.

And really bad fake hair. And really bad fake tan. And...

Reese said...

Mischa Barton looks horrible; until I read the credits at the bottom I had thought that that was Cheryl Tiegs, and she's in her late 50s. If anything, I'm sure Cheryl looks a lot better than Mischa does.

Miss X said...

Ent, women can get pregnant while breastfeeding. My aunt has boys 10 months apart b/c she fell for this myth!

captivagrl said...

mischa's got the mom bod without the 4 kids.

YahMoBThere said...

miss x, those are called Irish

jax said...

i met Angie Harmon at a charity event here years ago. BITCH!

Alyson looks great but is that a lil 5 o clock shadow i see there...hmm.

god Debra Messing looks like Gloria Vanderbilt after a chemo treatment (no disrespect to chemo folk its just what she LOOKS like)

Da brat in Da douchewear.

Jonathan...good god man stop fighting the hot.

Hey Leelee Tom Called, he wants his heels back.

Kate that dress is FUGLY. not all styles come back. or should.

EL if you look at the other pics of Mischa she straight up set that up. there is no one else on the friggin beach. Paging Spencer Pratt, another ho needs your help. get out your boom box.

Unknown said...

When Da Brat is Tina Turner's age, that gimmick of a name will be old and stupid -- kind of like the Back Street Boys.

Maybe she should go back to Shawntae Harris when the time is right...

Unknown said...

When Da Brat is Tina Turner's age, that gimmick of a name will be old and stupid -- kind of like the Back Street Boys.

Maybe she should go back to Shawntae Harris when the time is right...

adore said...

Thank you for the Shirley pic. She was doing a solo album but I haven't heard much about it though.

V McIntyre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lana M. said...

jax- that was TOO funny. Paging Spencer Pratt....

jax said...

grace- it's dumb now.
i prefer Da Lesbian doing Mariah.

Unknown said...

Angie Harmon looks horrible :( THat's too bad, I think she is SUCH a natural beauty - she just looks gross there :(

Debra Messing looks ridonculous. RIDONCULOUS I SAY. I'm all for different, but that's just dumb.

Jonathan Schaech - GAW he was hot in DOom Generation. I've watched that movie a million times mostly just for him.

Estella Warren - yeah, def. a blind. Too bad, I really wanted to Canadian synchronized swimmer turned model turned actress to make it. There's just so much to work with there, you know? ;)

I do not like "The Izz". I LOVE Eddie Izzard, I do not like "The Izz".

Leelee Sobieski - see Debra Messing.


aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done.

kimmypie1 said...

lol@ the fattest skinny girl comment for Misha. SO true

surfer said...

oh god, Debra, lose the shmatta on your head!

And everyone (well all, except one maybe) knows that yes, you sure can become pregnant while nursing.

trashtalker said...

Angie does look too thin. Not sickly, but she could use a cupcake. With lots of chocolate frosting. And sprinkles.

Emilie de Ravin is, without a doubt, the worst actor on Lost.

Debra's trying to blend in with the other mannequins.

Da Brat got an award? Or is she just carrying around a medal on a ribbon?

Brittany Show looks very scared of Johnathon Schaech, who looks a little John Oates-ish.

Julie said...

have you see Splendor! its by Gregg Araki, the same guy who did the doom generation.

budford said...

Jonthan - If he didn't tell us we would not have known. Sounds like an actor who we would only recognize like the blind.

duncanpowers said...

Getting pregnant while breastfeeding has to do with sleep--once you start getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night, your body resets and starts ovulating again without warning. It's not the breastfeeding part that protects you, it's the getting up every 2 hours part. True story. You know the nanny is getting up with that baby in the night...

surfer said...

duncan - fact: when breastfeeding, as a rule, a woman doesn't get her period, therefore, thinks it's safe to have unprotected sex.

RagDoll said...


Is Angie H. the coke BI or the Lainey one about the starving actress who's a screaming bee-yotch? hmmmmm

jas faulkner said...

"You know. All things considered they are pretty good actresses to pretend to be all happy to be together."

Look again, Ent. Ms Whoopi is not exactly beaming in that photo.

Love the photos of The Izz and Shirley Manson.

bionic bunny! said...

no, please, not "the izz" unless eddie approves it himself.

and he's said, he dresses as what suits (no pun intended) the moment.
LOVE him!!

Colleen said...

If by "tiny" you mean "thin", then that would be applicable to Shirley Manson. But she is by no means short - she is 5'8" & in heels over 6"! I'm not sure what gave you the idea that she is 5 feet tall!


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