Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I thought we would start today with Daniel Craig on the set of the new James Bond film. He may want to watch out for that antenna on the front of the bus. One in a million shot, but don't forget about fusilli Jerry.
Christian de la Fuente is not a bad looking guy.
Remember when everyone thought Aidan Quinn was going to be the next Mickey Rourke. I think Aidan is a great actor, he just can't seem to break through to the next level. (and no, he is not the blind item from yesterday)
Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo are just too damn good looking for their own good.
Is it wrong to be staring at a guy's breasts?
Karina Smirnoff and Mario out and about. The other Mario isn't around though. Is Karina wearing fur?

Jessica Simpson has that whole puppet thing down. She likes being told what to do which is why I guess she has been putting on some great webcam shows for Tony Romo. Do you think he invites people over to watch?
Gwyneth Paltrow was honored yesterday for all the work she does for food relief. Unfortunately she doesn't take her own advice. Eat a burger. It can be veggie, but just eat something.
The great thing about this photo though is there is no closeup of Renee's face. I was going to say something about George, but the only thing I could think of was stereotypical generalizations and I try to stay away from those. Lol.
One of my favorite couples. Edward Burns and Christy Turlington.
The amazing Placido Domingo.

This is the Miss World Australia competition. This is the talent portion of that competition. Most sang or performed an instrument, while some posed with field hockey equipment. What kind of talent did she display? How could she?
Mmmm. True love.
Lukas Haas just gets a little more odd each and everyday.
Does anyone actually watch Kyle XY?

Anthony Rapp does not look like he is aged in 15 years.
Stone Temple Pilots - Hollywood
The lesbian, the "perfect mommy", the easy one and the nude model. Oh, and they made a movie as well.
Put Tobey Maguire on a 3 week bender and add 20 pounds to him and you get Raul Esparza.
Portishead - Amsterdam


YahMoBThere said...

Alec and Edyta...can you imagine what their babies will look like if they have kids?

I don't like Gwynneth's hairdon't.

Aidan Quinn....underrated.

Love the limp wrist on Clooney - nice job restraining yourself, EL.

lutefisk said...

Is Lukas Haas yesterday's BI? I love Witness, & he was only 7. He also did "Waiting for Godot" at Lincoln Center.

YahMoBThere said...

Adrian!!! What's going on with you? Please give us an update.

Sinjin said...

Is SJP the B/I from a few weeks back? I'm think it went something like: " she wants to show the world she is the perfect wife and mother but her husband has been living in a hotel for 3 months".

lutefisk said...

I was going to sit down tonight & send a bulk email to everyone-- I am so tired, & spend all day receiving well-meaning but stupid phone calls--I haven't gotten a chance to write anyone. Look for my email late today or tomorrow--then I will write everyone individually. I know I have kept everyone in the dark--I am just waiting for more results. Thanks for noticing my return--it makes me feel loved!!! :)

Lux Luthor said...

Oh, no! George Clooney's caught the orange-skin overtanning virus! I hope it's just bad lighting.

Welcome back, adrian, hope you're feeling better.

YahMoBThere said...

Oh, you're loved....lol. I'll look for the email later.

Just a suggestion, but I had a go-to person communicating all news about me when I was sick. It saved me from going through the same stories over and over I actually spent that extra time napping.


lutefisk said...

Everyone I know is all over the place-- I do have a neighbor who took it upon herself to just tell whoever she sees in Shoprite!!! I will write later--I need to get my act together!!

Notice George Clooney's limp wrist??

kellygirl said...

can't imagine wrapping a pillowcase around my body and looking as good as Edyta.

I LOVE Portishead!

jax said...

Adrian, start a blog and send out the address and update what you want when you want. that way YOU control your personal info.

get better soon.

Amber said...

Ent, have you heard Russel Brand's new song? lolol

YahMoBThere said...

Jax, that's a great idea!!

Adrian, my friend sent things out via email because people were scattered, too. Plus she coordinated meals coming in. I didn't cook for four months. YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!! ;-)

lutefisk said...

My oven shorted out last week-- I can toast, microwave, boil & fry. Been doing a combo of take-out & light cooking!! I need to get a new oven--just don't know when! Good thing we all like pasta & pizza!
I need to do my own wmails. My own sister can't keep track of what I tell her!

YahMoBThere said...

Yeah, plus she'll have you near death...lol.

jin said...

ENT do you ever stop to think about how misogynist your comments are?

if not - do you stop to think that that means you're a misogynist?

i pity the woman who accepts your double standards.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the portishead!

trashtalker said...

Raul Esparza = Gerard Butler + hair grease - 40 pounds

I don't like Gwyneth's dress. At least not the sleeves.

SJP has to be a blind on here somewhere...

selenakyle said...

Why the hell won't my pictures load??? I gotta see Daniel Craig, the sexiest damn Bond EVER!!! I JUST finally saw Casino Royale (yes, I live in the stone ages) and he rocked it hard.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Ken Paves might have more fans than Jessica Simpson does these days.

selenakyle said...

Got my pix up! Looking to me like Lucas Haas might be yesterday's blind contender.

Wondering who Anthony Rapp is...

Renee's dress is exquisite but that hair is fug.

Bruno asked Cristian if he was on rocket fuel last week on DWTS...his pupils are always out there.
Aahhh, Daniel Craig. Fly on over here, baby!

sprinkles said...


Would you mind just giving us an update here too? I'm sure you don't have EVERYONE'S email that comes here and I'm also sure we'd all like to know how things are going for you.

Since this is a very public forum, we'll understand if you don't give all the details or specifics. Just a quick update now and again will do! Thanks.

lutefisk said...

Hi Glitter-- I am sure that not everyone wants to read this, because people seem to moan & groan when it is not gossip related.
Basically, the end of January I found a lump, my doctor found the same lump, as did a mamogram, sonogram & a surgeon. All 3 doctors said it was probably a calcium deposit or cyst.
After a lumpectomy & biopsy, it turned out to be cancer. So far, my MRI came out good, & nothing has spread to the tissue surrounding it. I went for more surgery last week, & am now waiting for the biopsy of the lymph nodes they
removed. I can't see an oncologist & start treatment till I have these results. That is it in a nutshell.
So, the moral of the story is that no one should think they are immune to cancer like I did since there has never been ANY cancer EVER that we are aware of in either side of my family, & don't ignore ANY lumps you may find. My surgeon said 90% of all cancer is spontaneous--it has nothing to do with heredity. Oh--& keep busy so you don't have time to think. I threw myself into a photo contest to keep my mind off of everything going on around me & got plenty of shit from people who didn't enjoy my requests for votes--but, it kept me occupied for a few weeks, so even with the criticism it was a big help for me mentally at the time.
Hope this was not too much info, but I wasn't sure how else to simplify it.

Mistik said...


Chin up.... keep positive energy and people around you and ignore the rest.

Thanks for posting here and letting people know.

bionic bunny! said...

hey, adrian!
the whole email and family thing DOES become exhausting, doesn't it?

trashtalker said...

Who is Anthony Rapp? selenakyle, you must be young! I remember him best from Adventures in Babysitting.

Lisa, here's the blind you're thinking of. I don't think "Sex and the City" would be considered C list. Although "Failure to Launch" surely would be.

Feb. 15: #2 This C list film and television actress by body of work but with A+ name recognition likes to have the world believe she is Ms. Happy Wife and mother. Then why has her husband been living in a hotel the past 3 months since he left her.

MnGddess said...

What fascintes me about Clooney (besides the dead spot in his brains that makes him gravitate towards women like Sarah) is that, if he does, in fact, play both sides, that NO ONE has caught him. These days, with cameras in cell phones and the simple fact that many media outlets would pay boo-coo bucks for a photo of Georgie in a compromising position(s), it's surprising that he hasn't been outed yet.

Unknown said...

Is Tobey Maguire the meth head?

lutefisk said...

mngddess-- I think for some reason there is a "hands-off" when it comes to Clooney---I think there must be some agreement made somewhere where no one can say anything besides "the perpetual playboy". "the non-stop dater", "the confirmed bachelor", etc. EVERY article always stresses his prowness & how he will never marry. Maybe he trades insider info on others for his privacy--it is too strange, & I find it hard to believe Sarah Larson is his "true love" with her past antics.

YahMoBThere said...

Cyn, that's why I don't believe it. NOBODY is hands off to EVERYBODY these days and someone who hates him surely would have outed him by now.

selenakyle said...

Oh. Nope, trashtalker, I'll be 44 in June. Immature, yes--young, no! (I just don't watch much TV or keep up to date w/movies). Heard of Avd. in Babysitting just not sure what it is.

Different note--Adrian's story has me worried. I always assumed that since nobody in our family has ever had cancer that we're kinda immune somehow. The 90% spontaneous stat is pretty frickin' scary *slathering on sunscreen* (although maybe too late...)

YahMoBThere said...

Selena, sunscreen won't help you with breast cancer (but you knew that..). Better to do monthly self-examinations and get yearly mammograms.

jlb said...

Good Karma your way Adrian.

Ah Mr. Bond. Yum.

lutefisk said...

selena, I slather us in sunblock all the time--skin cancer has always worried me--especially for my daughter who is blonde, blue-eyed, & pale. Breatr cancer was never a concern--my sister, 1st cousin, & myself each went for a baseline mamogram, & never went for another, all thinking what for. My sister went the other day for a 2nd mamogram, & when she mentioned me when they asked about history, they immediately sent her for an MRI. It is just a crazy thing, but there are huge cancer clusters where I live. Studies were done, & the results were the make-up of the population--and the economic status. I think there is more to it then that.
Twisted is correct-- CHECK! I wasn't even checking myself.
My friend noticed a lump under her bra-strap wire, waited a month, went to the doctor, turned out there were 2 lumps, she was in stage 4, & it spread to her liver. She was 35, & wasn't looking. After chemo & a masectomy, she has been on a maintenance drug for 7 years. She wasn't even looking for anything--just noticed a bump.

MnGddess said...

Glad to see your feeling better, Adrian! We're all sending you good vibes.

And no-one in my family had a history of cancer when my aunt died from it at age 62. Devastated the whole family. BIG wake up call.

lutefisk said...

Thanks for all the good wishes!

sauvage said...

I. have. an. idea. Thinking of the C-list-actor who is not Aidan Quinn: What about Eric Stoltz? "Mask", "Pulp Fiction", "Killing Zoe", "Little Women", "The Prophecy", "Rob Roy", "Jerry Maguire", "Rules of Attraction", "The Butterfly Effect"... He sure IS an incredible actor who can play just about anything. He started filming at the age of 17, while at 14 he already played piano for theatre productions. He does theatre - on and off broadway. And he has been linked to a bunch of famous women without every being married.

I have a pretty good feeling about this, what do you think? I still really, really hope it's not him. He's so f***ing talented.

Jeff said...

Adrian - I hope that you will be OK from now on.

Onto more superficial things -

I respectfully requests one picture a day of Daniel Craig.

Unknown said...

yaaay portishead.

current tv is doing some free portishead thing on friday night, i'm sure that the info is on their website...

Cecilia00 said...
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