Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Amy Adams on the set of her new film. Have to say I don't like the look so much. I know she will be great, but don't like the look. Makes her look 40.
Makes you think Andy Dick might be trying to get something out of his nose.
Well at least Amber Heard doesn't look as ghoulish as earlier in the week.
Speaking of ghouls. If this wasn't Amy Winehouse, you know you wouldn't come close to her on the street. Love those protruding tendons.
Mmmmhmm. Works better if the tongue sticks out a little bit with the lip.

Wow. Didn't Chayanne used to be like a sex symbol or something? Now he looks like Brandon Davis, but with money.
Cage The Elephant - London
I love Cobie Smulders.
One of the kindness blinds. Alicia Witt. Looking lovely.

Ashton put up job or for Kathy Griffin's show? You know there is no way on earth that she would ever let a founder of Apple out of her grasp.
The lovely Kristen Bell.
Jason Segel breaks into a song and dance routine on the red carpet.
I need to get out more. Haylie Duff actually looks good.
Dave Navarro seems to be doing a really bad Gene Simmons look these days.

Russell Brand and his mother.

So, one of the reasons Paula Abdul and her boyfriend broke up is that he was allegedly cheating on her. The other is the fact that a report has come out that she takes up to four hours to get ready even when she is just going to the store.
That chemical peel still hasn't quite worn off for Melissa Rivers.
And so you are telling me with a straight face that Macaulay Culkin got to do Mila Kunis. Wow. This world sucks for guys like me.
One of my favorite people in the world. Leslie Mann.

Music from the Village People. Get in your head. Here we go.


G? What the hell. It isn't that hard to spell. It's just letters. No tutors on Saved By The Bell I guess.
The Subways - London
The Courteeners - London


Amber said...

Amy Adams is definitely sporting some Mom hair..

lol Russell Brand is great, he was hilarious on Leno.

Unknown said...

Lesley Mann is funny as hell. If I met her on the subway or something I'm pretty sure I'd say "will you be my friend?" or some other bit of verbal diarrhea..

Unicorn Jones said...

ent--why is leslie mann one of your favorite people?

I really like her but she is such an enigma to me. I can't figure out if she is a huge bitch or hilariously funny (or both)

also I love mila kunis so much. screw angelina jolie, mila kunis is the one I'd go gay for!


lutefisk said...

Who doesn't love Cobie Smulders??
Robin Sparkles returns this season!

Reese said...

Poor Amy Adams; for her to look that bad and that old I hope the role does incredible things for her career.

Kristen Bell looks great.

Nice to hear that Alicia Witt was a kindness blind; I've always liked her. She looks terrific as well. said...

That pose Amber Heard is doing with her legs is hideously unattractive. Not sexy. Silly looking.

Kat said...

What is the deal with Amy Winehouse's right leg? What is that coming out of it?

Leslie Mann is amazing. Everytime I see french toast I think of her driving the PT Cruiser in 'Forty Year Old Virgin'.

captivagrl said...

thats a bad pic of Haylie Duff. she could fit right in with the Housewives of NY. Melissa Rivers i told you months ago to stop doing shit to your face. hey hey Paula - is that a comb-over weave?

Unknown said...

Why do you think of that scene when u see french toast?? Am I missing something??

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kris said...

who is Russell Brand and why does he look like a member of Bonjovi?

Unknown said...

Mila Kunis' photo looks photoshopped. Her head is way too big for her body. Weird!

Melissa Rivers needs some bangs.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Janele: Leslie Mann says something to the tune of: I'm starving! Let's get some fucking french toast!

SHE SHE said...

Kathy Griffin's "Apple" Ashton looks like that "paparazzi" character that was hanging around Brit Brit and Russel Brand has bigger hair than I did in High School - shameful!

califblondy said...

Why are these people posing in front of the Baja Fresh sign? Damnit, now I want chips and guacamole.

Please tell me Paula isn't wearing dark stockings with open toed shoes. Do her fashion screw-ups ever stop?

chickenrotini said...

Sheetrock - that IS Adnan, Brit's ex-boyfriend/boyfriend (I can't keep track). Some think the Kathy Griffin/Adnan hook up is for Ashton Kutcher's new show Pop Fiction.

SHE SHE said...

chickenrotini -Ah! That would explain the resemblance then huh? Adnan is such a douche and his chin hair is really disgusting.

Unknown said...

The lovely Kristen Bell.

Yeah? So are those rumours of her being a maaaaaaaaaaaaaassive bitch not true then? (I'm not being snarky, I'm asking for real)

I don't care WHY Kathy Griffin is with Adouche, she's now written off my list of celebs I like. If I had an actual list I'd literally cross her off.

I have no idea who Amber Heard is but it looks like they may have to shoot her. That leg looks bad. Poor thing.

I love Posh, and I LOVE how hard she's posing there. It's that whole "Oh, there's a camera! I was just sitting here thinking deep thoughts about the war and the deficit, I can't believe you caught me..."

Dave Navarro seems to be doing a really bad Gene Simmons look these days.

Is there a "really good" Gene Simmons look...?

kellygirl said...

someone I know whose sister works for Paula Abdul told me she has a sober living assistant at her home 24/7 and she has a drug counselor come to her home at least a couple times a week. Apparently she is trying to get off the pain meds but she has been on it for so long and takes so much that the doctor thinks she needs to be in hospital for detox, but she doesn't want anyone to know.

jax said...

What is the deal with Amy Winehouse's right leg? What is that coming out of it?
it's her ligaments trying to escape, even they want her to stop doing fucking drugs.

OG Gossipmonger said...

LOL "some fucking french toast!"
i love leslie mann too, lovelovelove her in orange county
mario lopez is so hilarious, without even trying.
mila kunis is beautiful & great as meg on family guy.
i'm gonna have to chemically peel melissa rivers image off my computer screen....
russell brand has amy winehouse hair, lol
andy dick mustve just gotten a dirty sanchez....
& lastly, adnan ghalib WISHES he could get someone as funny & talented as kathy griffin, its totally the work of "punkdfiction"

J-Mo said...

think Leslie Mann is wife of the good looking guy behind that hilarious movie, sh*t, can't think of it but it stars Michael Cera. SOOOOooooo lazy....

blankprincess said...

I LOVE all the pictures of the folks from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall!" I was lucky enough to see a free screening of this movie a few weeks ago and I honestly have not laughed so hard in years. I've toyed with writing a review for y'all a la the great dnfrommn, but I haven't had the time. In short, I went to see the movie because I loved “Veronica Mars” and will now watch Kristen Bell in anything, and she was a great sport in the movie. However, Russell Brand was hiLARious, Jason Segel displayed talents (and quite a bit of full frontal...) that I never imagined he had, the supporting characters were terrific (particularly Paul Rudd, Jack McBrayer [Kenneth from "30 Rock"], and a few lovely Hawaiian men) and Mila Kunis was an absolute revelation. This movie is beautiful, sweet, unconventional, so so so funny, and a guaranteed great time for virtually anyone. The vampire puppet musical was priceless, and just that phrase alone should make you want to see this flick. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed it. I am a 36 year old woman who took my 63 year old girlfriend with me, and we both loved it. The audience was really diverse (I guess because the screening was free!) and so not everyone got all of the pop culture references, but most people there seemed to have a really awesome time. Please go see this movie (and no, I am not affiliated with the filmmakers in any way…). It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in such a long time and I hope it does really well. Thanks for reading my little treatise here! :)

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Jason Segel dancing is always a treat, especially if he's doing the Robot. Can't wait to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Leslie Mann's husband is Judd Apatow and the reason I love Jason Segel.

Unknown said...

^^ Really? Wow. The ads for Forgetting Sarah Marshall that I have seen make it look like a ridiculously crass Tits n Ass movie. If its not then notch it up to bad marketing.

On Dave Navarro, is that Stormy Daniels next to him?! So he is dating actual porn stars now? He is such a disgusting skeez.

As for Paula Abdul, I caught about ten minutes of Idol Gives Back and Simon and Paula looked like they were all over each other!!

Teresa said...

I also love Cobie Smulders. More of her please!


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