Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Does everyone else get the feeling that Ashton Kutcher is feeling the wrath of Demi Moore for some reason. Oh, that's right. They are married.
Cedric Delsaux is the random French dude of the day.

Can you hear the music playing in the background? Sounds like porn music. Maybe it is all in my head.
I think this is the first time Billy Marquart has been in the photos.
I guess the rumors are true. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do have sex.
Petra Nemcova must have taken that Jessica Simpson crotch rubbing lesson. AJ Calloway doesn't really seem to mind.
I almost put Gwyneth Paltrow at the top because she actually looks really good. Still needs to add 20 pounds, but looks good.

More music. This time I keep hearing Sound Of Music.
Although you can't see his eyes, this is indeed Emile Hirsch.
She must be in Danity Kane.
David Beckham gets a ticket.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson do their best to look like the Madden brothers.
Another first timer, James Nesbitt.
Any chance that JK Rowling could go bankrupt and then be forced to write another Harry Potter book?
Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell star in the new reality series, "How long can you stay famous for doing absolutely nothing?"
L-R, Leighton Meester, Amber Heard, Katrina Begin and Melonie Diaz. If you had to guess which of these would you think had a serious coke habit?
The original Virna Lisi Esquire cover.

Shar Jackson and Shanu. I know, I know. I thought it said Shamu at first also.
I hope there was some drinking involved before this tattoo sounded like a good idea.
Patrick Stewart getting his photo on the wall at Sardi's.
Nigel Kennedy - London

27 comments: said...

Are Gwyneth and Mr. Coldplay still together or what?

jax said...

Finally Ashton's turn to get Punk'd.

Cedric can be the random french dude in my bed.

Not so El- i think she squeezes his balls extra tight and then swabs what's left.

Geri you're a grown women just because you still fit in the Disney Princess dress doesn't mean you should.

...a ticket for being smokin hot!

dude Sam Ronson IS the third Madden brother.

i'd guess the coked one is the one who looks like Alexis Arquette.

Cute tattoo but why so close to such an fugly mole? get the laser!

YahMoBThere said...


That tattoo looks like ants marching.

kris said...

don't much care for Ashton but the expression is PRICELESS!!

Unknown said...

So...Petra Nemcova is the answer to a blind? I'd say her or Sienna but since Petra appeared twice...although I'm sure Sienna is the answer to more than one blind, too ;)

BTW I love the name Petra. That's neither here nor there, I just think that's a great name. And apparently had to tell you all.



merrick said...

if i had to guess i would say amber heard .. demi prolly just grounded ashton for wearing that outfit out in public .. its okay when he's sk8ng in the park ..

Anonymous said...

I actually think Ri Ri's tat is really cute, but I guess thats just me.

The cokehead must be the one with the pancake batter makeup and the dead look in her eyes...

Uber*nought said...

Are they Ashton and Demi doubles?

They don't look quite right to me.

Unknown said...

Looks like we all think Amber is indeed the one with the habit.

Oh, and I like Rihanna's tattoo too. I wonder if she had it as a continuation to her neck tattoo, little stars I believe? Now THAT would be cool, a bunch of little stars snaking down your back.

M'kay, I've never read one single Harry Potter book. Not. A. One. And it really seems like everyone around me is totally into the whole H.P. thing. I think JK Rowling whould move on to writing smutty grownup stories. Now I'd be into THAT!


Unknown said...

jewels - I've never read a single Harry Potter either. After I saw every 3rd person on the subway with a Harry Potter in their hands it just seemed too creepy to me - like an HP cult or something...LOL

re: Rhianna's tattoo - I think it's cute, too - BUT I ALSO think it's hilarious, bcs one of those stars is a big mole. It makes me laugh - star, star, star, star, mole, star, star, star......

yeah, I'm immature, so? LOL ;)

califblondy said...

I thought I was the only person who hadn't read one. single. HP book.

I love to read, but for some reason little Harry never appealed to me.

jax said...

ooh i loved the HP books. you have to have a real interest in witches and wizardry from a kids perspective to enjoy them, but they are all fantastic reads.

Unknown said...

Mmmm...Emile Hirsch. How can someone so tiny be so sexy?

Cokehead? I'm going to say Leighton Meester. It's often the ones you least suspect.

Sinjin said...

The list of skank nams sounds like an unfiished sentence, here, I'll finish it: Amber heard Katrina begin....whining about her fugly hooker dress, and standing next to a zombie.

Sinjin said...

Ooops I forgot to ask before 'cause was blinded by skank. Is Petra Nemkova 1/4 of the party in the BI about the pregnant supermodel who's baby daddy is not her current boyfriend?

captivagrl said...

angelina looks happy and healthy. that's nice to see.

weezy said...

I say this with all sincerity -- Demi's teeth and stance actually do make her look like a cougar. She should sue her dentist.

Unknown said...

Yay James Nesbitt. Hope there's a second series for Jekyll.

RagDoll said...

Ok, the Guarini kid needs to lay off the rhinoplasty. He's beginning to resemble a Jackson....

Unknown said...

jean luc!!

jk rowling can write more HP books, i'll just have my son read it & tell me over dinner what happened, just like the other books. he LOVES the series.

angie looks healthy, so does gwyneth, the cokewhore? LINDS! oh wait, that was on another pic. i'd say either leighton or amber. with names like that, how could you go wrong?

becks should have driven his porshe to make it worth getting a ticket in L.A., IMO.

MadLyb said...

Amber Heard is the coke addict.

selenakyle said...

Ummmm, the dead-looking chick?

Whomever James Nesbitt is, he looks kinda hot.

MnGddess said...

Brendalove, your icon scares me!!!!!

c17 said...

1) Just 'cause AJ's preggers doesn't mean it's Brad's kid

2) I dig RiRi's tattoo - thank the FSM it's not that stupid indie-rawk sailor art or some random scrub's name.

Kristy said...

Don't know if anyone said this before me, but if you look at Amber Heard's pictures from Never Back Down (prob. shot in July) compared to now, it looks like the girl lost about 15 pounds. Definitely a coke fiend.

Amber said...

I love the way Demi dresses. I know, I know, she must have a stylist but she can pull it off so well!

Rihanna's tattoo looks like a disease :|

lainiekazan: But she IS a cougar!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Jewels: Wikipedia is your friend--just check out "fan fiction" or "slash fiction", and prepare to be, um...educated? *grin*

For those of you who don't hang out w/geeks the way I do, "fan fiction" is a very popular genre online where people write stories involving various fictional characters; "slash fiction" is the sexually oriented version of the same thing, frequently with a lot of male/male sex (the term "slash" came about due to a lot of old-school Trekkies writing scenarios involving Kirk and Spock, or "Kirk/Spock", as it became known, hence the "slash"). I'll never forget when the Boston Globe felt compelled to alert the world to the existence of Harry Potter slash, describing several of the popular storylines making the rounds (Harry & Ginny, Harry & Draco, Harry & Snape, Harry and, well, just about everyone...), complete with the truly unforgettable quote describing one tale in which "Professor Snape is fellated by the Sorting Hat." The mind boggles... (A friend of mine once did an absolutely hysterical impersonation of exactly that, complete w/the stammering exclamation "G...G...GRYFFINDOR!" at the, erm, climax...yes, I have a lot of interesting friends. *grin*)


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