Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nick Hogan On Nightline

I'm not sure what possessed Nightline producers to want to interview Nick Hogan, but they did for tonight's show. I have only seen a summary of the interview but have not actually viewed it so I don't know if his words come off more remorseful when he is speaking or not.

When I saw that he was on Nightline I was fully prepared to slam him and his family, but with the exception of one thing, I think he said the right things. Never in the summary at least do I read any kind of apology for what he did to his friend. He says he was reckless and stupid and that he thinks about it everyday, but he never actually says he is sorry. The family already settled the lawsuit so there is no reason not to apologize. If it were me, I would be saying sorry every five seconds for eternity.

In the interview, Nick says he has changed and has even started an organization to stop street racing. I need to watch this tonight before I make up my mind. I do believe in forgiveness, but it is really hard to forgive this guy after the way he handled all of this. Below is a preview.


jax said...

he better work every goddamn day of his life to do some good in this world if he wants some redemption.

on the flip side,his family is a bunch of entitled dick bags, he barely had a chance to do the right thing before his father swooped in to sweep it under the rug ASAP.
He needs to apologize and then go away and live an honest life.

Baka Neko said...

From the preview you would think he was the victim.It seemed like the whole thing he was talking about how he couldn't deal with it.

Cheryl said...

It's still all about him. Sad.

Deep said...

I just remember when those phone calls between his Dad and him were released when he was in jail.

He asked if his Dad was working on getting him a reality show. His Dad said yes. His parents told him to pray, and said something to the effect that the victim's family was at fault or would have to learn how to deal with this situation.

You can look them up, they were posted on YouTube.

These phone call conversations show their true nature, not the act they put up in front of the camera and that's why this family disgusts me.

RocketQueen said...

Thanks, Deep. Those should overrule any self-serving interviews after the fact.

sunnyside1213 said...

I am with Deep. They disgust me too.

captivagrl said...

Not watching this asshole.

Fabulous! said...

all the protesting against street racing in the world can't hide the true nature of his lack of regard for other people, his extreme entitlement issues and his lack of remorse of what he dud to someone he was considered a friend to.

even more disgusting is his mother for having the audacity to coddle nick like a poor baby and a victim when he got barely speck of the punishment he deserved. he needs to sit down and stfu.

Meg said...

@Deep - I don't ever remember hearing about the tapes! Truly revolting behavior. Nice parenting, Hulk & Linda!


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