Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Dan Gordon-Levitt - RIP
Adam Lambert - Tokyo
Amber Rose was in Paris. So
was Kanye West but he is hanging out with Selita Ebanks now.
Amy Winehouse says she has not taken any drugs for 3 years. As much as she drinks, drugs are not really necessary.
Brad Pitt filming in Boston.
Christian and Neve Campbell.
The cigar guy from the Tiger Woods golf photo is everywhere now.
Not a cigar, but a cigarette for Christina Hendricks.
Courtney Love has quit Twitter. Apparently that nude photo she kept up for 12 hours was supposed to be private. Uh huh.
Christopher Cross! Now I need to go listen to syrupy 70's music.
Dave Coulier plays guess what is in my hand.
I think this is a first time appearance for Dallas Roberts.
I know it is a first time appearance for Emrhys Cooper.


RocketQueen said...

No drugs for three years? I call bullshit. Not only does that mean she's not counting marijuana, I've seen some pretty cracked out pictures of her passed out in front of a pub in the early hours within the last few months.

lmnop123 said...

Amy looks good. I hope she has a full recovery from her addictions.

I see Brad has "found" his youthful looking face again. That's amazing considering he looked like a stinky old homeless person for the last couple of years.

BigMama said...

I am convinced Brad had the beard so that we would forget the wrinkles for awhile and not notice he had work done.

Amy W is a hot mess, but I hope she pulls it together. She needs to post that twit pic of CLove on her mirror as a reminder what drugs does to you.

Anotheramy said...

I was just about to say, wow, Brads got a good surgeon. Explains the billy goat beard, the cuts were healing but, Ive been beat to it, and by better.

Anotheramy said...

I was just about to say, wow, Brads got a good surgeon. Explains the billy goat beard, the cuts were healing but, Ive been beat to it, and by better.

The Nightmare Child said...

Geoffrey Arend must have a magical penis or something...that's only way to explain how that goober got Christina Hendricks (barring the obvious fact that he's a pretty cool dude...but damnit, let me have my anger towards him).

BigMama said...

Great minds LOL

nancer said...

uh, alcohol is a drug. you can't say you're clean if you quit 'drugs' but drink like a fucking fish. she's an addict---she just changed her drug of choice. and i'm not so sure i believe her anyway because addicts are liars---it goes along with addiction.

as for YOU doin', sweetie? man, he looks so much better without that furry thing hanging off his chin.

Ice Angel said...

I know she's a whackadoodle and all...but I would love the name of Courtney Love's plastic surgeon. She looks fab!

RJ said...

I also think Brad looks almost too good, but maybe it's just because he's in the US filming "Moneyball" and Angie and their herd of children are way over in Prague. I've always thought Angie is something of a succubus, sucking the vitality from her mates until they are just shells of their former selves. A couple of months away from her and he looks great!!

jax said...

RIP Burning Dan!

Pookie said...

i'm w/ BigMama's theory re: brad's beard.

lol @ cigar guy...i want to see him w/ sad keanu.

ewww, smoking christina...booo on her.

oh great. now i have the sailing song in my head.

Cancan said...

Christian Campbell is the only celebrity I ever wrote a fan letter to. And he wrote back! I just loved him on The $treet. That show was fantastic.

lanasyogamama said...

I love Christopher Cross easy listening type music.

Meg said...

How awful for poor JGL! Did they say how he died?? :(

I also agree w/ @BigMama re: Brad's beard.

WTH has Dave Coulier been? Is he about to do "Cut. It. Out."

chihuahuense said...


It said he was found surrounded by needles and syringes, but official cause has not been listed.

Meg said...

Thanks @chihuahuense. So, so sad. :(

trashtalker said...

MCH - Ha! I just said that to my boyfriend the other day (complete with the hand motions), and he looked at me like I was a freak. I guess he didn't watch Full House.

I've been watching Rubicon. Dallas (Miles) is good. It's slow, but finally some good shit happened in the last episode.

mo pie said...

Thank you for the photo of Dan Gordon-Levitt, Enty. We were friends for 20 years, and he was a truly wonderful guy. RIP, Dan.

RocketQueen said...

@MCH - nearly spit coffee all over my screen at "".

sillylittlefreak said...

Concerning DGL - The Daily Mail and Radar Online articles about a "neighbor" and "police source" claiming needles were found are lies.


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