Monday, October 04, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Yoko Ono had a busy weekend. Performing with Lady GaGa and
hanging out with Iggy Pop.
Ashley Judd tries to kiss her husband after he wins a race and
oh you can tell how much he loves it.
So, Adrianne I thought I would pose you overlooking the central air conditioning system.
Ali Landry's daughter just saw a Disney princess.
True Blood and Oktoberfest.
No bikini shots for Avril Lavigne at her Vegas birthday.
Apparently Brandi Cyrus is important enough to invite to events now.
Beth Ditto at Fashion Week.
Bruce Willis gives some lovin' to Emma Heming.
Cameron Diaz looks like she has a case of the Mondays.
Courtney Love and Ronnie Wood compare how many drugs they have taken.
Duran Duran at a Fendi party.


blondegossip said...

Holy coke bloat Courtney!

Cameron looks "off" too...

karen said...

Is that really a cake Avril is 'posing' next to? Doesn't look yummy at all.
What the hell happened to Cameron's face. Everything seems to have dropped a few inches from where it was before.

RocketQueen said...

Okay Iggy, time to cover up. That's enough.

Oh for the love of Pete, no more Cyruses!

nancer said...

dario always looks like 'who ARE you' when ashley judd kisses him after a race. very, very odd.

Paisley said...

I used to pray every day that I would meet and marry Roger Taylor. Duran Duran is still awesome!

sp said...

Paisley, almost 30 years later and I still dream of marrying Roger!

Mango said...

There's Ashley Judd, making the racing win allllll about her. And you're right, Enty, her husband does NOT look happy. Wonder what's going on with that?

Yeesh! That pic of Cameron Diaz reminds me of when old folks with dentures take them out and their faces kind of collapse.

I had to Google Brandi Cyrus to see who she was. She is Billy Ray's stepdaughter and took the Cyrus name. Incidentally, SNL had a skit this weekend with an actress playing Miley. She nailed the way Miley YELLS instead of speaks. Also nailed how rather dim she is, lol.

I don't recognize the Duran on the far left.

Paisley said...

Mango, shame on you unless you're just teasing me and sp. That's Roger!

Susan said...

Nick Rhodes looks exactly the same from Duran Duran's hey day. Love them.

Cameron Diaz - WTF is up with your face, girl?

I know I sound like a mean girl right now, but Beth Ditto is very hard to look at. Sorry.

Ms Cool said...

Oh dear, what happened to Cameron Diaz?

I read some website about Ashley Judd after someone linked to it here. She is a nasty nutcase.

califblondy said...

She tried to get in the middle of things when he won Indy and some guy held her back. Dario doesn't look too thrilled with her at all.

PotPourri said...

Ok, ladies. I guess we all dreamed of kissing Roger Taylor just like in Hungry Like the Wolf. That is one of the hottest kisses ever!

Is Ashley and Dario separated? Why would he continue. He has NEVER been even remotely KIND to her while she has cheered him on. Now I don't like Ashley, but that is his wife.

Pookie said...

eww gaga & yoko. can't decide which is worse.

eeep at judd hubby body language!

adrianne curry is really all goes to hell in a hand basket b/c she's so trashy tho.

brandi who?

all the duranies look good!

Tenley said...

OMG that can't be natural, whatever has happend to Cameron Diaz's face. It's either drugs or plastic surgery and back when she was in Charlies Angels with Demi she swore up and down she'd never do plastic surgery.

bflogurl said...

Y'all can have Roger, just give me John Taylor!! I was *the* Mrs. John Taylor many moons ago =) He appears to be turning into a silver fox.... mmmmmm!!!

RenoBlondee said...

And I'm still the only one out of all the girls that wanted to be Mrs. Simon Lebon, lol! They all look great!
I kept trying to figure out if Iggy was shirtless under the jacket or if he had a wrinkly shirt on, just ewwww.
I totally agree about Cameron's face, it FELL!

Susan said...

John Taylor was ALWAYS my fave. He's a hottie.

nunaurbiz said...

Take in mind that the Ashley/Dario "kiss" came not after he won a RACE, but his THIRD INDY CAR CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

Look at that clenched fist of his behind her. He doesn't even want to touch her, much less kiss her.

W O W ! ! ! !

Hee hee hee!

kathrynnova said...

whoa! cameron diaz looks hideous!!!! is it just a bad photo or did she just get cheek implants?

Unknown said...

Take a look at the top of Ashley Judd's head. Where is her hair? She looks as though she lost her hair!

lmnop123 said...

OMG it does look like Ashley is bald in the top of her head in the second picture. Maybe her husband isn't use to her PDA?

Char said...

I have a case of the Mondays too Cameron :(

Only it's already Tuesday where I am... it's a really bad case.

Ms Cool said...

I definitely think Cameron had some type of bad facial surgery or filler. Check out this picture on Dlisted:

Unknown said...

the bald spot in the ashley judd pic doesnt look like its on her head. looks like the forehead of one of the men taking photos.

Lissette said...

Sorry! He is SOOOO mine!
I had dreams with him,

Btw, I have his drumstick (it's framed!)

Paisley said...

I'm so jealous over that drumstick! But I'd gladly use it to beat you back if you stood in the way of my first love.

Patty said...

I too used to be the future Mrs John Taylor. And he just gets better with age. Ahhh!

lawyagirl said...

Love me some Double Duran.


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