Friday, October 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Larry David going in for the grope?
I always thought Laura Linney was tiny but look at her next to Christina Ricci. That is tiny.
Maura Tierney looks pretty damn hot here. I think even
Colin Farrell would agree.
Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.
Petra Nemcova wins the brightest lipstick of the day award. Here she is next to Adrienne Baillon.
Pee Wee with the people.
Apparently that is a portrait of Richard Kind.
The one of Thom Filicia looks more like real life.
WTF? Even Just Jared got a portrait. Damn, what does a fat man have to do to get a portrait.
Rose McGowan in Washington DC.
Rachel McAdams taking a break on her new film.


Ms Cool said...

You've got to reveal your identity if you want a portrait. ;-)

Cancan said...

The portraits are cool but I really want to be captured in Lego:

RocketQueen said...

I wonder if Rose McGowan ever regrets what she did to her face?

That Nemcova/Bailon picture contains the subjects of a lot of blinds. Wonder if these two hopped off to the bathroom together after it was taken?

lmnop123 said...

Michelle Williams you ARE NOT Marilyn Monroe. She looks washed out and unattractive in this picture.

Cindy said...

@not on my dollar : I totally agree -- what the hell were they thinking???

Cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice Angel said...

I actually think Michelle makes one of the best Marilyn's I have seen in a while. Closer to her earlier, more natural self. I see a lot of sites bashing her. I kind of thought it was an unwritten policy to play nice with Michelle since Heath died...or is that kind of over now? LOL!

Pookie said...

laura linney, tiny? shut up.

i thought maura tinney was a man in that pic, sorry. i don't see the hot you see, enty.

i like the michelle-as-marilyn pic.

hi peewee, idl you, but my friends are in your show so i hope it has a GREAT great white way run.

califblondy said...

I like Maura's 'tude and outfit.

Thom Filicia is too cute.

lmnop123 said...


great minds think alike. :)

@Ice Angel,

I think that Michelle is a talented actress and doesn't need a pass because of Heath. I actually like her personal style and individuality but again the Marilyn Monroe picture is god awful.

lanasyogamama said...

I like Michelle and how she handles herself. Plus, she's totally gorge.

Shoeaddict said...

I like Petra's lipstick. On her. I doubt I could pull that off.

mooshki said...

It is time to put a halt to the Marilyn photos. So tired of them!

Mango said...

Jeez, enty, I know you have a thing for Maura Tierney but I thought she was a man at first glance.

Even though this movie is about her infamous clash with Sir Laurence Olivier on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl, do we really need another Marilyn Monroe movie?

lunaire said...

Petra Nemcova was definitely whom I thought of regarding a blind about a model going to rehab last year - she was in the photos a lot and then disappeared all of a sudden. She was also photographed with Sean Penn at one point last year.

Robert said...

I know I'm out of the loop, but who's the artist that painted all these portraits...?


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