Friday, October 08, 2010

What If Your Name Was Justin Bieber

Remember Michael Bolton in Office Space? No, not the singer Michael Bolton, but the guy who shared the name with him who had to put up with a bunch of crap everyday because of it. Well, imagine you are not in a movie and that instead of mellow Michael Bolton fans to deal with you have millions of screaming teen girls to deal with.

That is the issue facing Justin Bieber, the 35 year old Florida man, who is living a nightmare, but seems pretty calm about it. He was kicked off Facebook because they thought he was using a fake name. He still has not been able to get back on. He can't sleep at night because the phone rings all night long. Now, you could say, turn it off at night, but then what about your family and friends? He has changed his number several times but to no avail. Oh, and mail? He gets tons of it.

He averages 25 voice mails an hour. Famous singers call him all the time asking to work with him or saying they are excited to be working with him. He also delivered the nicest line ever.

"I feel bad for little girls who want to send messages to their hero and it gets to this (pointing to himself)."


lmnop123 said...
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lmnop123 said...

Why can't he just get an unpublished, unlisted number? Then no one would legally have access to the number.

Also I don't feel bad for the little girls because they don't need to be trying to call Justin Bieber. What if this guy was some kind of pedophile, he could do so much damage to these children.

Pookie said...

i went to high school w/ michael jackson, and to uni w/ john wayne...this was pre-social media phenomena...i remember how funny it was for us, but what a pita for i think it's great this JB takes it w/ a grain of salt...but seriously, why would people think the biebs lives in jacksonville, fl? *mind boggled*

RocketQueen said...

I would change my name. That's what I'd do.

Emobacca said...

"Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."

Meg said...

LOL @ Emobacco! Nice!

Poor old man Bieber

Robert said...

Wow! Real live pinball machines!

Anger Yumski said...

Change his name to Just a Beaver, I think that would be WAAAYYYY cooler.


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