Tuesday, October 05, 2010

We Need More Gossip Like This - Reality Stars, Little People & James Blunt Having Sex

I have no idea who either of these two subjects are, but I was fascinated to read it all. Here in North America we really need more gossip like this. So, last week the hooker on X Factor in England got the boot. Well, someone who made the final 12 is a woman named Katie Waissel who Cheryl Cole predicted would win the whole contest. Katie is the first person.
The second person in this story is Michael Sophocles who became very famous in the UK when he was on the UK version of The Apprentice. Apparently Michael has no more money or misses the fame he had two years ago because he sold his story to News Of The World. He says that two years ago at the height of his fame he was pursued by Katie and that she was only interested in fame. She begged and begged to have sex with Michael but he cough cough refused until the third date and only then because he was drunk. Uh huh.

Well shortly after, Michael said he cheated on Katie and broke things off but decided to invite Katie to an awards banquet where he was getting an award for Best Reality Star. Well, during the event, Katie got back at Michael and started making out with Jordan Prentice who is an actor and little person from Canada.

So, Michael had enough. I mean to be cuckolded on a night where you are winning an award was tough for his ego. The next thing he knew, Katie was sleeping with the singer James Blunt who probably told her Beautiful was about her. Now, Katie is on X Factor and famous in her own right.


RocketQueen said...

Seven degrees of skank!

JoElla said...


What a fun read this was!

Jackie said...

Michael sure thinks highly of himself, doesn't he?

Unknown said...

It's great to read totally sordid gossip for a change! That was eight shades of randomness. Love it!

KLM said...

Jordan Prentice looks a lot like Peter Dinklage here. I actually thought it was a mistake. Glad it wasn't Peter.

Angela said...

Jordan Prentice was actually a dead ringer for Dinklage in "In Bruges".

jax said...

a whore's gotta hustle to get hers these days!


Lady J said...

She kinda looks like Brittney Murphy.

Ellen said...

OMG! Thanks to years of UKNova.com and a love of indy flicks (in this case In Bruges), I know who all these people are!

I think I'm going to play the lottery tonight!

What a story!


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