Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Holly Madison now has her own slot machines. If you win you get to have sex with a 85 year old man!!
Hilary Swank looks pretty damn good here.
Not so good is the mashup of Justin Bieber and Sarah Palin.
James Franco in Drag.
Jennifer Garner bringing lunch to a group of kids.
John Mayer and Keith Urban backstage at Keith's concert.
Nicole Kidman was also there.
Jordin Sparks looks pretty excited to join the ranks of celebrity perfumes.
Good news! TLC is dumping the entire Kate Gosselin schedule.
Katy Perry in Poland.
Long time no see Michael Anthony.
Minnie Driver wrapped in tire tracks.


RocketQueen said...

Katy Perry looks really great there.

lmnop123 said...

Love Kate Gosselin's shoes and Katy Perry's dress.

I hope you got it right about the Gosselin show getting canceled.

Nosey Parker said...

Keith looks a little like a male version of JA in that pic. He and John look cute together.

Anotheramy said...

Nicole looks about 9 months pregnant based on her last pregnancy.

BigMama said...

Kate Gosselin needs to quit dressing like she is going to some country club/disco. I always feel like she gets up and picks her cloths out as if she were dressing for the paparazoooos

James Franco has a whole drum section going all his own. Love that man!

RJ said...

Does the Holly Madison slot machine say "The Pleasure Pit"? Is that where pleasure goes to die?

I bet I could put Keith Urban in my pocket.

Pookie said...

lol @ the palin beiber!

james franco does nothing for me. i'm all meh.

super cute pic of jen garner.

i still don't like you, john mayer.

katy perry looks great.

Meg said...

Kate Gosselin likes to dress really inappropriately for mundane tasks. So that means they are canceling her show??? WOOHOO!

LOVE Katy Perry's outfit

lanasyogamama said...

That mashup is burning my eyes!!

Mayer looks soooo stoned.

I can't believe Kate losing her show isn't an article unto itself! Yes, she is super annoying trying to be 'stylish'. Fail.

Chrissy Buns said...

Nicole is really channeling the 90's with that get-up. the sad thing is, i kinda like it.

warmislandsun said...

Nicole looks gorgeous and happy. I wish she looked that way all the time.

shakey said...

Love the James Franco cover.

Did the girl beside Jordin Sparks just get out of the shower?

So when is the End of Kate Gosselin party?

MadLyb said...

Buh-bye Kate Gosselin.

I couldn't love James Franco any more - he definitely knows how to raise the eyebrows.

Minnie Driver looks great. Her dress? Not so much.

awesome balla. said...

since when to people do laundry, or anything besides going to a nightclub, in shoes like that? and i live in pa and it was cold as hell yesterday, and rainy, not practical by any means.

and fuck it, katy perry is hot shit.

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє ] said...

HAHAHAHAHA that Bieber Palin picture is freaking hilarious.

GoGo said...

James Franco = yum!
Nicole Kidman e'en looks really nice here! What gives?


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