Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

So, yesterday I posted a photo of Duran Duran so Christine sent in a photo of herself with the band.
I also posted a photo of Brandi Cyrus and Lisa sent in a photo of her daughter with Brandi.
Cobie Smulders passing out $1000 worth of office supplies to teacher Alyson Rindick.
Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union hanging out together.
Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm in Cannes.
Umm, the Geico Caveman.
Halle Berry and a friend headed to dinner.
Hugh Jackman and his son in Uruguay.
Earlier they had fed eels to sea lions.
Jessica Alba on a play date with Honor. Jessica says in British GQ that she is uglier than all the other actresses because of what her pregnancy did to her body. Really?
John Barrowman - London
Out of 20 pictures this is as close as Jim Caviezel came to a smile.


tigerjen77 said...

I swear Jessica Alba is just desperate to top my I LOATHE you list.

lunaire said...

Oh, Jessica Alba, why did you say that? It is very unfortunate that you feel that way.

RocketQueen said...

Seriously, Jessica. For shame.

parissucksliterally said...

Jessica is obviously an unhappy, insecure woman.

lanasyogamama said...

I wish my body had been as damaged as Jessica's by my pregnancy. Instead I got hypothyroid. :/

nancer said...

if you're lucky, you get issued a perfect body at birth. it's all downhill from there for most of us. scars, childbirth, aging, etc.---we use it up.
most adults understand that and don't say they're 'ugly' from having their children.


Meg said...

Aww, reader photos!

Yeah, Jessica, you're
hideous. I guess she is just insecure...

Susan said...

Jessica Alba, shut it. You are gorgeous. Although, sometimes your personality seems to be not to my liking. She seems like a great mommy, though. Hope her daughter has some self esteem.

Chrissy Buns said...

i think Jessica needs to get a grip. that statement ticks me off, because i had twins, and my belly is so stretched out it will never snap back, and i can't afford to go out and get a tummy tuck on a whim! if she wants to see ugly post pregnancy, i'll SHOW her ugly post pregnancy. i want to smack her so hard right now...i need a drink

Mango said...

Jessica's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A comment like that is just what I would expect from her. Much like she's expecting the world to gasp and hasten to assure her that she's just as beautiful-- if not more so-- as before.

Jim Caviezel always seems utterly humorless.

Tania said...

I was at that John Barrowman concert - loads of fun! Plus, ran into David Tennant in the corridor afterwards. Cue one happy fangirl... :-)

awesome balla. said...

jessica alba should speak to someone about her body issues.

cobie does not get enough love. she's so pretty and hilarious.

MommaSaid said...

Jessica-Go away or make a hit movie. Regardless, STFU.

Halle looks great. I believe that is her new beau Olivier Martinez.

God, how many Cyrus' must we endure?

Electric Warrior said...

Love Halle's boots!!!

Every Cyrus I see is more hideous than the one before it. Yes, it.


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