Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ramona Singer Punched A Producer

In another example of showing that reality television is not really reality television, Ramona Singer punched a producer while filming Real Housewives Of New York. Now, the punch was real, but what led to it was not. Apparently Ramona was filming with Sonja and Alex. At one point, Ramona got upset at the scene that was supposed to be shot. She started going crazy, and according to US Weekly, Ramona punched a producer. "But she got herself worked up over filming this scene and one thing led to another, and she punched the producer. Literally."

There should not be "scenes" in reality television. We should just call it what it is. Scripted Jerry Springer. It does not mean I don't enjoy it, I do. I have hours and hours of Jerry Springer still on tape. But, think back to the early days of Jerry Springer and how every fight seemed spontaneous. Then, as the seasons progressed and more people had watched the show, the people on the stage knew what they were supposed to do and that was to yell and scream and fight and make themselves as shocking as possible. To keep us, the audience entertained the people needed to keep upping the bar. Real Housewives is no different. Look at how it started and what it has become.


looserdude said...
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looserdude said...

Law and Order:LA had a scene where a crew was filming a "reality show" and the "actor" said that he'd like to do another take. I think I'm going to like LandO:LA.

selenakyle said...

This beeyotch has supah-crazy written all over those eyes.

that said, I, too, think there are some "reality" TV producers who need a good punching! (ok, ok, I'll tone down the violence and say metaphorically, not physically...)

Merlin D. Bear said...

Well color me shocked.
Reality TV is scripted?
Whoda thunk it?

Merlin D. Bear said...
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Patty said...

She is a loon, but not as crazy as Kellie.

Melody the First said...

Sadly, it took the midget KKK versus the midget Black Panthers show to convince my mother-in-law that Jerry Springer was fake.

Most reality shows are "based in reality" -- but wouldn't we all, from time to time, like to do a second take if we could?

MaryMQC said...

It's really funny you mention the fake fights on Springer, because I just recently found out that a good friend of mine was on the show a couple years ago with her boyfriend (they have a kid now and have always been the most stable couple I know) and a guy friend of theirs. They completely fabricated their story and the show booked them. It's funny, though, because you can tell they're bs'ing. This is the link to the episode on Youtube:, and if you happen to watch it, Sarah and Aaron are the solid couple I was talking about. Seriously, they're totally in love. Hilarious.

nunaurbiz said...

I don't care if it's scripted. It's fun to watch and it makes me forget any problems of my day! :-D

Meg said...

Jerry Springer was scripted??????

Anyone who has watched one episode featuring Ramona knows that she is not only a few bricks short of a load, but also Cah-RAZY! Not surprising at all. I always found it ironic that her family's business was selling Christian jewelry, as she certainly did not/does not exhibit very many qualities of one.

Pookie said...

what we need is some more of ramon's freaky eyes walking the THAT was entertainment.

WednesdayFriday said...

LOL @ Pookie. I LOVE that clip, and my husband and I still mimic it and giggle to each other.

Barton Fink said...

Oh Pookie, so mean! That was a funny scene, though.

shakey said...

When Spencer Pratt threatened a producer, he was admonished and was hardly on the show after that. What did they do to her? She looks like she could knock someone out cold.

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