Monday, October 04, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Not exactly a black diamond slope for Melissa Joan Hart.
Neil Patrick Harris hanging out at Knott's Berry Farm.
Nikki Reed standing on her name with some help from Kate Mara.
Peaches Geldof does her best to hide all her tattoos.
Paul Haggis at a party over the weekend.
Paul McCartney at his daughter's fashion show.
Primus - Detroit
After losing a bunch of weight, Ricky Gervais has decided he will no longer do fat jokes.
Is it me or does Rhys Ifans look about five years younger than he did last year?
Rebecca Romijn discovers one of the world's most vexing problems. If all of your hands are full how do you open the car door?
Reese Witherspoon filming her latest movie.
Did you know the Shannon twins turned 21 this weekend? If you would asked me to guess how old they were, I would have said, 30 or 35.
Tiger Woods hits a photographer.
Will Ferrell and Stan Lee at the world's largest gathering of superheroes.


sunnyside1213 said...

How come we get Reese, but no Chris Pine.

RocketQueen said...

Tiger Woods pic is cool.

@sunnyside - forget Chris Pine, she's also filming with TOM HARDY

That's a classy bruise on one of the twins' legs.

blog hopper said...

I'm pretty sure Ricky Gervais has not given up the fat jokes. He performed in Chicago last week and had a slew of fat jokes. Still love him.

sunnyside1213 said...

@RocketQueen, I think Tom is ok, but he has funny shoulders. You can have him and I will take Chris. Win Win for both of us.

tigerjen77 said...

Is the guy next to NPH the Max guy from Saved By the Bell? Awesome.

The Nightmare Child said...

Stan Lee is a god among men. I'm going to be inconsolable when he passes way.

Mango said...

Reese's dress is cute.

Aren't the Shannon twins the twins who are sleeping with Hugh "Dinosaur" Hefner? I shudder to think how the one on the right got the bruise on her leg. Their parents must be so proud.

Tenley said...

I have no idea but I have an irrational intense dislike and visceral reaction to all things Reese Witherspoon. Maybe she embodied Tracy Flick so perfectly I'm still not able to shake that as pretty much what her real personality must be.

Pookie said...

awww...i love ricky gervais! he looks fantastic. go him, fat jokes or not.

ugh...those trashy twins...seriously...ugh.

awesome tiger shot.

GladysKravitz said...

Is it me or does the woman in the NPH shot appear to have no legs? Weird.

lanac said...

i know! im wondering about the leg thing too

KLM said...

I love the weird mustached, cigar-smoking dude in the background!!

bigcitygal said...

@GladysKravitz - No, she doesn't have any legs. Her name is Jennifer B and she is a fantastic gymnast. She also toured with Britney Spears as her opening act for the Circus tour. She is also a great person.

No I am not her, I just know her.

Winsome said...

Please, someone explain the NPH picture. No matter how hard I look at it, I can't the woman's legs!

Winsome said...

Oh, thanks bigcitygal.. (incredible)

Meg said...

Reese looks great...

Those twins are GROSS. Just saw something last night on TMZ's show where they were drinking from the same champagne bottle & making out. It's always classy to wear a thigh high dress when you have a large bruise on your leg!

[ ♥ тαммι ¢нєяιѕє ] said...

I LOVE the dress that Reese is wearing!

Ugh and who are those twins? Some girls are just SO classy.


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