Friday, October 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends. I hope you have a great weekend and I'm jealous you are having turkey and stuffing this weekend. Oh, and mashed potatoes. No green bean casserole up there though I don't think. You should try it. I will have poutine for mine if you do.
Amelle Berrabah headed to court on a DUI charge. She is, or was a Sugababe.
For a second I thought Lindsay Lohan was out of rehab but it is Amanda Seyfried and
her dog.
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.
Amy Winehouse went up to this guy and just sat in his lap. Seriously. Looks like she might be groping him too.
Some of the cast of Big Bang Theory on etalk.
So, did Beth Riesgraf leave Scientology after she and Jason Lee broke up? If she did then I guess he is not seeing his child. Kind of like the whole Nicole Kidman thing.
Daryl Hannah in Berlin.
Daniel Radcliffe on the set of his new movie.
I think it is sad of me that what I will always remember a great actor like Eric Bogosian for, is a Steven Seagal movie. Of course that was Katherine Heigl's first movie too.
Esperanza Spalding - Los Angeles
Gap changed their logo. Lots of outrage. I wish people would get that outraged about who is making the clothes for stores rather than whether some company took five seconds on Microsoft Clip Art to make their logo.
Gisele Bundchen on the way to a shoot in Miami.


caydian said...

Is Winehouse groping on a guy in a wheelchair?

lmnop123 said...

Eric Bogosian was on Law and Order Criminal Intent and it wasn't a good fit.

Fish said...

Hi Enty,

Thanks for the holiday regards. We're having turkey, potatos, squash, turnip, green beans (but not as a casserole), peas, and carrots. Lots of stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

No poutine!

Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadian readers as well

Pookie said...

i'm sorry, amelle burberyywhatever, you soooo cannot pull off those pants.

such sweet-looking nerds the big bang guys. love it.

i thought beth riesgraf was erin fetherston for a second there.

eeep, darryl. =O

happy thanksgiving, dear canucks!

fairylights said...

Wow, Daniel Radcliffe actually looks grown up in that picture. Anyone know what he's filming?

Elle said...

Enty I believe 'that guy' Winehouse is groping is Tom Baker who was the original Doctor Who. I think it's him.

Meg said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!!!

I had to Google poutine. Never heard of it.

I HATE the new Gap logo but I wouldn't boycott them or anything.

califblondy said...

MCH, poutine is worth a trip to Canada. Yummy.

I thought Darryl was that comedian, Jennifer something. The curvey lady who jacked up her face (too). Dang, I'll have to look her up now.

Giselle has some big feet! Wow.

sunnyside1213 said...

Daniel Radcliff is looking hot.

Bad Ass Momma said...

Just saw heigl in bride of chucky. That was some sad shit

lanasyogamama said...

There was a guy with the last name Bogoshian in my college class who looked just like him. I wonder if they were related.

janele said...

I hope Beth Riesgraf is no longer a $cientologist. I usually boycott anything with $cios in them, but I love the show "Leverage" too much.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO ENTY on the GAP comment!!! People in the west don't know or don't care that their $300 shirt was made for about 5 cents with what amounts to slave labor (probably a child) in some third world country. I'd love it if you posted more on this subject. xoxoxoxox Janet

Henriette said...

I LOVE Eric Bogosian! Doesn't anyone remember Talk Radio? This guy is uber smart and talented. He does some amazing stuff about why he did not make it in Hollyweird. Besides being a decent actor (never was a comedian), he is an amazing writer too. More Bogosian please!

Tatyana said...

" califblondy said...

Giselle has some big feet! Wow."

Well, at least she got really long legs to go with them.

mooshki said...

I would never have guessed that Daniel Radcliffe would grow out of his little boy looks. That's going to help him a lot in his career.

Mango said...

Love The Big Bang Theory. Thanks for the pic!

I thought Daryl Hannah was Jennifer Coolidge! (Stifler's mom from American Pie/Paulette from Legally Blonde).

Anytime I read that someone is a member of COS, first thing I think is, "I wonder what the COS has on them?"

Wow, the change in the Gap logo makes me want to rush right out and spend hundreds of dollars on their crap!

Anonymous said...

Laughing at the Microsoft Clip Art Gap logo. Why would they change it? Weird.

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Enty! I'll have an extra helping of mashed potatoes covered in gravy in your honour. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!

shopgirl said...

Yes, John, I agree "the guy" with Amy Winehouse looks just like Tom Baker. I read somewhere she has a massive crush on him and might try for a guest spot on the new Dr. Who. Shame on Enty for not recognizing this extremely nice and great-to-his-fans actor. When I sent Tom a letter awhile back, he hand-wrote a beautiful reply to me. How cool is that?!

And Bogosian was also fabulous to the fans who sent him a binder full of letters after he bailed from Criminal Intent. Too bad they killed of his character now that Goren and Eames are coming back.

Henriette said...

Bogosian is always FAB to his fans. I have loved him for over 20 years. I only watched Criminal Intent for him and they never did right by him.

Rob said...

Wow, Radcliffe looks very different.

awesome balla. said...

is wino sitting on roman pervlanski's lap??

yourfaceisamess said...

The new GAP logo looks like a rip-off of American Apparel's.


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