Monday, October 04, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - With Some Fashion Week

Dita von Teese and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac look more like they re attending a funeral rather than Fashion Week.
Ernest Borgnine wins the biggest eyebrows of the day award.
Emma Roberts doing the all grown up look.
For those of you who have always wanted a sundial, but did not know how to carry one.
It's the always looks like I am still getting dressed dress.
I think the idea is that it is a painting that escaped. Kind of like in Harry Potter.
For those of you who teach art.
If you have always wanted a house with a white picket fence, at least you have the fence.
It's like watching a Loverboy concert from the 80's.
For the S&M wedding crowd.
The Hannibal meets Clarice collection.
When microscope slides become fashion.
Not on the runway, but I have no idea what Lea Michele is wearing.
Geri Halliwell about to go into a show.


Stacy said...

Is it just me, or does Lea Michele's bf ping your gaydar?

Dana said...

Forget the see-through suit, how about the creepster with Lea Michele???

mandy said...

That's Zac Posen with Lea Michele. And he looks super creepy.

sunnyside1213 said...

How will these absurd things on the runway translate to something women will want to wear?

RocketQueen said...

As ridiculous as I think a lot of these fashions are, I do think they're interesting to look at. That white "picket fence" creation is amazing.

The Nightmare Child said...

Ugh. I loathe Heather Sweet...or as she likes to be called Dita von Teese. Just absolutely detest her in ways that the average person can't even fathom.

Mango said...

Emma Roberts looks lovely. Hope she's not the answer to a couple of those BI's.

That green splattered dress looks like a hairdressers cape.

I thought Geri Halliwell was Sienna Miller.

@ The Nightmare Child - tell us more about why you hate Dita von Teese. Seriously. I'd love to know!

ali said...

I love Enty's fashion week comments, never fail to make me laugh!

Pookie said...

i don't get the dita allure. i mean, what does she do exactly? i'm all sorts of meh about her.

teehee @ picket fence dress.

that trenshumanism vibe on the hannibal dress is disturbing.

The Nightmare Child said...

@ Mango - She thinks she's the second coming of Bettie Page & the queen of all that is burlesque and pin-up. I can name ten pin-up models who aren't total fame whores and who are actually active in the rockabilly/psychobilly scene. And her whole backstory is a crock of shit, too. Everything about is 100% fake, yet she acts like she's Queen Shit Of Fuck Mountain.

Also, anyone who willingly has sex with Marilyn Manson can't be entirely sane.

jax said...

Geri looks bloody fantastic!

Unknown said...

Love how Zac Posen is out-posing Lea M, and I love his suit. He's frowning because she's fugging up his space.


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