Thursday, October 07, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Danica Patrick and her ride. Probably tough to valet it.
Oh, I love Emme. Here she is with Rachel Leigh Cook.
Emily Osment filming an interview.
Not sure what Gretchen Bonaduce is thinking here. Maybe role playing when she gets home?? It was a strange party though because also invited was
Michael Lohan who
is always keeping it classy.
Definitely classy is Geena Davis.
Geri Halliwell did not look this busty three days ago.
All these people are standing outside Gamu Nhengu's house. She was a contestant on X Factor who everyone loved. Her mom's visa has expired and now the UK is threatening to deport Gamu and her mother. These people are there are in support of Gamu.
Gavin Rossdale puts $50 on his Hot Wheels car to win.
Gin Wigmore - Auckland
Ice Cube & Q-Tip.


RJ said...

Hard to believe that Emme is considered "plus-size". I call her normal sized, which is a lot smaller than most of the people I see everyday. Sad that as a society, we accept that size 0 is the Holy Grail of beauty. What's wrong with a 6, 8, 10, or 12? Or beyond?

Oh, and do rappers realize how stupid their nicknames are?

weezy said...

So I'm watching "L&O:SVU" last night. About children sold into prostitution by the parents. Lead parent is a dim bulb guy who looks waaaayyyyy much like Michael Lohan. They keep focusing on his face all the way through the show. I think Dick Wolf was trying to tell us something.

looserdude said...

@weezy - that's hilarious because last week on L&O:LA there was a stage mother who reminded me of Dina Lohan who whored out her starlet daughter for six months for $400,000.

RocketQueen said...

Who invites Michael Lohan to stuff?!? Seriously, I wouldn't want to be in the same ROOM with him. I'd be too paranoid he's going to sneak a picture of me picking my nose or something to try to sell it to a tabloid.

hotchacha said...

Gretchen Bonaduce is clearly wearing a dress by Stop Staring. They make retro pin-up inspired dresses. The company name is on the promo wall right behind her. And maybe she's also planning some role playing for later.

No clue what Lohan's excuse is.

lanasyogamama said...

I thnk Gretchen Bonaduce looks pretty, whoever she is.

mooshki said...

I'd say Geri was the answer to that blind, but she clearly isn't trying to be subtle about those implants.

chihuahuense said...

Geri's face looks more different than her boobs.

I don't care how stupid their names are, Ice Cube and especially Qtip are the shiiiiiittttt.

mooshki said...

Ice Cube is The Man!

Meg said...

I don't watch NASCAR or follow Danica Patrick but when I've watched interviews w/ her she comes across as a huge b****.

I love Rachel Leigh Cook. I know she has been in a bunch of other stuff but she will always be Laney Boggs to me.

awesome balla. said...

wtf is wrong with lohan, seriously? wearing that shirt is inappropriate all of the time, let alone at a charity event that supports children with cancer and other diseases.

then again, i also judge locks of love for inviting him. i gave them my hair once, thought about doing it again, might have to go with another charity if i decide.

Ruse said...

Love Q tip and Ice Cube! Tribe Called Quest and NWA are light years better than any new rap out now.

Gavin Rossdale looks worse and worse every time I see him. Like some budget Eastern European pimp or something. You can have him Gwen, honey.

awesome balla. said...

emily osment doesn't look like her brother, thank god.


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