Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blind Item #12

This B- list mostly television actor probably had his biggest break for this almost television hit. Now, he is headed to cable for what will be a hit show. Anyway, he has been out promoting it this week and is method which apparently includes during press. The guy he is portraying was a big boozer so that is how the actor is playing it which has led to some interesting press.


Green Tea said...

Noah Emmerich?

Random guess based on google search

elle b said...

alex rich- picasso

Sara, Making It Work said...

This sounds right! Show is "Genius", where he plays a young Picasso. Previously on "Glow".

notthisagain said...

this is so profoundly stupid, even the most famous method actors from the past would be like 'this is extra'

Fedup2here said...

Hank Azaria with Brockmire.


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