Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Today's Blind Items - Kill The Killers

Someone had to do it. The first time was a couple decades ago. The female teens being brought over from the Middle East under the guise of a school being run by the husband of someone in this country extremely wealthy. He had ties back to his home country. There was always violence in the country. It just seemed to only happen to parents and siblings of people who had a very attractive female in the family. There was an agreement in place with the sons of the rulers of this country. They got first shot and then the teen was shipped to a cult here in the US.

Often, those teens once they had been here for some time needed to be disposed of for one reason or another. So, that task was at one point in the purview of one of the closest women to the throne so to speak. She would given them something in their tea at night and the teen would never wake up. Well, after doing this a half dozen times, the woman wanted to leave the cult. That was not going to happen and she was killed. Oh, they made it sound like a suicide and no one really paid too much attention to the story and they got away with it.

Well, she needed to be replaced with someone else who could do the dirty work and they found such a person. The thing is though, after about a dozen years doing it, she too was wanting to exit the cult. Nope. She was killed a couple years ago and the body cremated before her death was even reported to the authorities.

As more details start to emerge with people in the cult looking to cut deals, I think we are going to hear about things that are far worse and way more graphic than we are possibly expecting.


cheesegrater15 said...

I'm betting the sons from something that rhymes with Blouse of Maud.

sandybrook said...
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sandybrook said...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Darth said...

Jesus Enty, this sounds like something from a cold war thriller, not real life. Wtf is going on in the world.

just sayin' said...

Based on differences in grammar (and possibly native language) from Enty's usual writing style, this seems like an unedited reader blind.

That's beside the point. Horrible story. The only clue I can glean is that there's a foreign-born (or affiliated) husband of a rich American woman behind this. If you read this differently please say so....

Unknown said...

@just sayin', that's how I read it. Can't be that many extremely wealthy American women married to a Middle Eastern man who runs some kind of school, can there?

Thia said...

@just sayin' - Not necessarily. Yes, foreign born husband, but the wife is rich and in the US, not necessarily a citizen.

MsDrtMover said...

So is this a cult or "school" we'll be hearing about? And apparently it's run by the foreign husband of an extremely wealthy woman from the US...anyone have any ideas?

Unknown said...

Translating the rest: they find very attractive girls in the husband's native country, set their families up to be killed, making the girls orphans, and bring them into this "school" (I'm guessing it masquerades as a child aid organization). The girls are sent to service powerful sons in that family, and then shipped to a cult in the US when they're done with them.

Unknown said...

@Thia, good point, the wife doesn't have to be American, just residing in the US. (And technically it doesn't say the spouse of the husband is female or a wife, but odds are...)

SDaly said...

To me, this sounds like Iraq and Saddam Hussein's sons.

Boldblonde said...

To me too. @SDaly


While the MEK's leadership has resided in Paris, the group's core members were for many years confined to Camp Ashraf in Iraq, particularly after the MEK and U.S. forces signed a cease-fire agreement of "mutual understanding and coordination" in 2003.[64] The group was later relocated to former U.S. military base Camp Liberty in Iraq[65] and eventually to Albania.[66]

plot said...

Another "Q" blind?

Always reliable...

gauloise said...

Queen Noor of Jordan was American, married to the now dead King Hussein. Maybe someone related to her and that royal family? Her family was well off and in the US govt.

always thought the jordanians were the sane ones though

Thia said...

Could this be Keith Raniere and NX..whatever. I found an interesting article: https://frankreport.com/2016/02/21/gina-hutchinson-tried-to-solve-the-keith-problem-before-she-committed-suicide/

SDaly said...

I was also going to note a possible connection to NXIVM, with Pam Cafritz being the second one killed. I haven't heard anything about girls from the Middle East being connected to NXIVM, though.

Unknown said...

There are no sane ones among the globalist cabal. Some just get to play the part.

gauloise said...

Also Assad of Syria is married to an English-born woman of Syrian descent from a wealthy family. She was educated at Harvard in the USA. Maybe a relative of hers?

Erin said...

This has to be about the NXIVM cult with those girls from Smallville? The guy who ran it, Keith whatever, was married to Toni Natalie?

IDon’tKnowHer said...

Basit Igtet and Clare Bronfman?

IDon’tKnowHer said...

Sara, not Clare.

IanPhlegming said...

Anybody remember the David Mamet movie "Spartan"?

More Cowbell said...

@IDon'tKnowHer -- I came here to say just that! The Reneire cult and Sara Bronfman and Baist Igtet with Libya being the ME connection.

Thia said...

Interesting, @IDon'tKnowHer - they do have ties to NX-whatever, as does the Dalai Lama.

Digitalis said...

The Keith Raniere guy was just arrested April 15 & is in custody on trafficking charges.

.robert said...

Bah, error killed my write-up.

Saddam's sons were all powerful and quite blatant with their abuses. Qaddafi was North Africa. The Arabs are very intermarried and the rich guys would not stand for people murdering their poorer cousins. Gonna say Pakistan or turkey.

SDaly said...

The Bronfman connection to both Libya and NXIVM makes that seem like the best lead so far. Can anyone find any information on the death of Pam Cafritz? For a rich, connected woman, her death got very little attention.

SDaly said...

From Wikipedia (this gives me the willies) "Igtet is involved in supporting a school in Cambodia to assist in the non-proliferation of child prostitution."

Doug said...

Seems to me that Keith Raniere would have been punching above his weight in this scenario.

Emptywood said...

The Brofman and Basit Igtet connection seems quite compelling.

That puts someone deep in it right at the doorstep of a country that fits the blind.

ancoranonhocapito said...

I see that military Entry is back... My guess for the country is Israel (of course the kidnapped girls being Arabs or African), since it says that it has "rulers". No idea who the rich woman might be, but the story is probably either connected to NXVIM or to "The church".

Unknown said...

Makes sense, run your "school" in a separate country altogether from the one where you procure the kids and the one where they end up.

AkhaldanSolo said...

I'm glad too see that I'm not the only one that shares the emotion of speechlessness from blinds like these.

I'll bet some of you are saying Thank God right!?!

plot said...


Sure, some of us saw Mamet's Spartan with Val Kilmer. Some of us understood the allegory, too, which as always with Mamet depends on the power of language's ability to dominate.

But it was a movie, a fiction that housed allegorical truths.

Emptywood said...

Brofman only married Igtet in 2012. Was Igtet tied to NXIVM somehow?

Hey Frau said...

WHO WRITES THESE? so poorly written!!

hunter said...

Agree with Doug - no way is this NXIVM - they are way too small time potatoes and also that Keith Ranier guy got all his money from lonely widows he was seducing so this is not him.

Brayson87 said...

Not sure if the blind cult is nxivm, but that one gets stranger and stranger, some bizarre experiments.


SDaly said...

@hunter -

You're wrong about lonely widows funding NXIVM. It was young, rich heiresses. There were a lot of very powerful people floating around the edges of that cult.

Thorne said...

Is this the cult Mr. Smith is claiming to be busting up on Twitter?

AAnon said...

Obviously this is whoever the US government wants to bomb next & the kardashians. 4 chans took over this site huh

CJ said...

Nahh, this isn't Keith Raniere's show. Nxivm is a cult like Scio or MSIA that recruits rich American women. He was on the lam down in Mexico, but his operation didn't have anything to do with NGOs or foreign countries.

Unknown said...

Does this have anything to do with the Turkish Cult leader Adnan Oktar?

Chase said...


Article in the Haretz

Urban Rosebud said...

MSIA/USM classified as a cult for rich women???? LOL. Maybe; but if I were a guy / liked women, I would be at every function because their rhetoric is life changing & the bitches are smoking hot.

Guest777 said...

I keep thinking gulen of turkey. He runs some kind of charter schools out in Texas I think

Unknown said...

Yes - this article https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.haaretz.com/amp/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-inside-the-muslim-sex-cult-whose-leader-is-embraced-by-israeli-figures-1.5961420

More Cowbell said...

Adnan Oktar is a good guess! What a slime! But is he married? What are his connections in the US? I can't find that info, which would connect him better to the blind.

purejuice said...

the bronfman heiresses, clare and sara, have bankrolled many of NXIVM's lawsuits against former members.


Unknown said...

@More Cowbell- I can’t find anything regarding marriage status. I did find some connections to the US when he tried promoting his teachings to American Universities and also some connections to American politicians.
Also interesting - in the early 80’s he formed a group which included high school students from wealthy families to promote his teachings. Through the early 90’s which were described as years of anarchy and terror, he and his followers recruited from resort areas along the Sea of Marmara. Maybe there is a connection in the US that isn’t well known? He has also used other names throughout his life.

designace001 said...

Don't write Raneire off so soon, with first degree connections to Bronfman's, to McCain and with Sara's husband actively being promoted as a potential PM to Libya by Israel he's no small beans.

Raneire has a strange multilingual school where they employ a variety of foreign speaking women with faulty visas called Rainbow Cultural Garden. "Educational inspection board Ofsted, confirmed Rainbow Cultural Garden is not registered with them and said allegations against the school were "extremely concerning".

The experimental educational programme - which strongly denies any wrongdoing - has 11 branches around the world, according to its website, including one in Kensington, London.

Its programme - which is believed to cost parents up to $120,000 a year per child - involves children being taught by up to seven nannies a week, from different countries, who each speak to them in their own native language - including Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, Hindi and Spanish".

So 'fit's the template.



Frank Report rocks on this cult. Evidently the Bronfman girls burned him and he's been exposing them ever since.

plot said...

From Oktar's Wiki -

" His TV programs have gotten considerable attention from both Turkish and international media for its 'weirdness',[105] and in particular for featuring what is referred to as his 'kittens', his female devotees.[106] They wear heavy make-up and tight Versace T-shirts, undergo plastic surgery, and are usually wealthy socialites.[8][107] They and Adnan Oktar have discussions about Islam, fossils that supposedly discredit evolution, and Oktar himself.[108]"

Okay, I laughed. Not a school though.


Raniere's school is for young children, young enough to learn multiple languages and be totally divorced from the outside world. I don't think anyone even attended that school except for the Orphan who belongs to the cult.

Schneiderisnext said...


Or as some people call them. French Toast.

Schneiderisnext said...


The teens aren't necessarily students. They could be "teachers" Or "Nannies" as @designace points out

PapayaSF said...

So, does this connect with all the other "murders of young sex slaves" items? Like the ones supposedly buried under a building in (IIRC) LA? Or is that a different conspiracy? Are those African bioweapons testers connected, or not? What about the Church? I'm starting to lose track, and starting to wonder about the site disclaimer that says some of this is "fiction"....

designace001 said...

@Plot just because I know you don't open links and you may be absolutely right, one student, nine locations and lot's of nannies.

Rainbow Cultural School Locations


• Albany, NY


• Miami


• Mexico City

• Monterrey

• Guadalajara


• Guatemala


• Madrid


• London


Leon, Mexico

US - http://www.rainbowculturalgarden.com/contact/
UK - https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk
MEX - http://www.rainbowkids.mx

plot said...

One website does not a school, or multiple schools, make. If you bother to visit any of those, you will see there is no "team" or teachers for that matter, much less nannies. There is no indication of students either.

Oh gosh, you should really have a look at the blogs. Yep, a real daily accounting of what goes on in those schools, not just a collection of disconnected quotes from any and everywhere.

I think you've been had, designace.

plot said...

Oh shit! Click your link for this "school" in Mexico and look at that blog. Five entries...all from a two month span in 2016...yep, that's a real school!

designace001 said...

Papaya SF think of the two as distribution arms of the same group l of a competitor's groups' interests (less likely imo) The Arizona group and this group are distributors not sourcers. The Church is much closer to the top, but still imo not the top. The Whale and associates may be a specific continent real estate arm. Art brokers handling cash transactions. Spin off orgs doing medical research and likely organ sales. Compartimetalized. Rat lines. Likely arms and organs go one direction and drugs and people go the opposite for cash rich round trips. There is likely an enforcement dirty deeds arm as well like M 16. It's not all about sex, it's about trafficking humans as a commodity.

There are too many same name connections, geographic fields of timely opportunity to ignore the possibility of the same utilmate source imo, a huge, huge, multi complex source involving foundations, ngo's, state/private enterprises and gov contractors. These are the top.

designace001 said...

I haven't been had, you're making my point perfectly. It's a front operation. lol

I'm not the only one obviously thinking this is about trafficking, he's been indicted for trafficking, the prosecutor and the State Department who extradited him must be in on it too.

Read the complaint all shiney and new and everything from the USDOJ

you crack me up lol

designace001 said...

According to the Frank Report
"Upon information and belief:
1. Rainbow operates as an early childhood education center and/or a childcare center without a license for either operation.
2. Many of the Nannies in Rainbow, [called Multicultural Development Specialists] are from foreign countries and are here illegally.3. Many of the Nannies had no visa to enter the United States and have been harbored illegally by NXIVM.
4. Many of the Nannies obtained Visitors Visas by falsely claiming they were travelling to the US to take courses with NXIVM. Once in the US, they became Nannies and were paid under the table.
5. With NXIVM’s Vice President of Operations, Clare Bronfman, as their sponsor, many other foreign nationals were offered Work Visas [H1-B visas]. NXIVM claimed the applicants would perform highly specialized jobs at specified payments. But after the visas were obtained, the applicant did not work as specified. Instead, the applicant worked as a Nanny at $10 per hour.

Some women did get the payment specified in their visa application but had to kickback everything they received over $10/hour to Clare Bronfman, or perform work as her personal servant.
Multiple sets of bookkeeping records are being maintained to cover up this scheme. The scheme is so widespread that there are literally dozens of witnesses."

The children (sadly there were some) "Some of the Rainbow children are reportedly having trouble with their language skills and speak in a multi-linguistic babble. A child who completed years of Rainbow could not speak any foreign language at age eight. Another child could not speak his native language. He chattered in a mixture of languages."


Schneiderisnext said...

Excellent summaries @designace001

I've come to similar conclusions.

Multiple entities @Enty has referred to engage/compete in sex/human/organ trafficking. "The Church", "the church", "the cult", "$cio", "the charity", etc

Buuuut....They compete and collude...AANNNDDDD those committing crimes maintain a code of silence to protect their lucrative businesses.


we're talking multiple international conspiracies.

SDaly said...

Pro tip - If @plot is trying to steer the discussion in another direction or derail it with political ramblings, it's because you are close to the truth and distraction is needed.

plot said...

Thank-you for putting in the time and effort there, designace. Now I see where you are coming from. Looking through it, The Frank Report is a site with a lot of integrity. It limits any emotional language and sticks to facts though when it doesn't it defines clearly it's conjectures.

The majority of those schools seem to have neither staff nor facilities. Do they even fill out tax forms for non-profits? That's why I think that NXIVM is small potatoes. As a MLM scammer, Raniere thought he could carry that over to schools, maids (slaves) and nannies (slaves.) What is alarming is that someone not so reckless or stupid as Raniere could make his template a bigger vehicle for visa fraud (the sex is what basically done Raniere in) and modern slavery - especially in the dream world of Betsy DeVos charter school cash cow Education Dept.

It's often the players who fail who teach smarter people how to succeed.

Velora said...

I've been blown away with the lack of media coverage on NXIVM, yet not surprised. As designace001 posted before, The Frank Report has amassed an incredible amount of information that is eye opening. Bronfman's were buying false documents including financial records to use as blackmail against law enforcement, judges, fbi, senators and anyone else who they felt threatened by. There was a doctor involved being investigated for illegal brain experiments/tests, the former president of Mexico's son was running all of their operations south of the border and has severed ties within the last few days. In 2016 C. Bronfman purchased 80% of Wakaya LTD, which is an island in Fiji, from David and Jillian Gilmore (fiji water). Most likely because of the corrupt practices by local officials and extradition laws, but still worthy of noting.

Here are links to very interesting information regarding Bronfman/hubby's business partner, Richard H Griffiths. Dude claims to have ties to HW, NASA, was a founder in lithium-electric automobiles, and is a sovereign advisory to several countries in Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa (where all the bad shit happens), specializing in Intl. Affairs and foreign relations programs. He's currently with intl lobby megacorp Squire Patton Boggs as a senior intl policy advisor. Oddly enough, investigations into the chambers of commerce he started with Bronfman were never registered properly, and don't exist. Shells and fronts to feed the bigger fish, perhaps.




More Cowbell said...

And for anyone saying that NXIVM is small potatoes, remember Raniere started out by doing the "Executive Success Program," which made a ton of money. Per Wiki:

"Its clients have included Richard Branson as well as actresses Linda Evans, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne.[16] According to Forbes magazine, 3,700 people had taken part in its Executive Success Program as of 2003, including Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET; Antonia Novello, former Surgeon General of the United States; Stephen Cooper of Enron; and Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president Vicente Fox.[20]"

It seems as if the cult was an offshoot of this, from what I can tell.

Schneiderisnext said...

You might be interested in knowing this @plot

Raniere started out as an Amway salesman. So he may be more connected to Devos than anyone currently suspects

Schneiderisnext said...


So far three separate blinds have intersected with this same practice of trafficking maids/nannies

"The Trafficking Train"

"Kill the Killers"

"The Church"

In all 3, visa fraud is used to bring in sex-slaves.

In previous blinds we've noted how Orrin Hatch and John McCain have been the two people in Congress fighting for increased immigration/waiver programs for religious orgs/schools

Anonymous Scientology forums have also long pointed out the abuse in visa programs.

Do you think foia requests would clarify the super-structure? Do you think these three "separate" trafficking ops are related?

Itttt said...

Iraq - Saddam and his scumbag sons Uday and Qusay. NOTORIOUS for taking attractive young ladies/women "off the hands" of their families, husbands, etc.

designace001 said...

Quite possibly Schniederisnext. Too many same names/places, is it a coincidence or more like the water getting close to the drain? Unknown summarized this 'branch' well, is it coincidental, the Libya connection? Timing is everything. I think that Frank has this below backward but otherwise another very coincidental intersection. I have to say as well, I have no special insider knowledge this is all publically source information readily available online. If you have studied this for any length of time, you will find the same, realitively few names over and over again in a multiplicity of contexts. This is a context example below. There are many such contextural stories in this story. Nivixm is just an example of one such intersection. The Bronfman/McCain/Phoenix intersection is pretty interesting as well. I'd call that loop the rat pack loop. Old school. Did you know Sara or Claire, one of them hacked, their Dad's computer? Email, business contacts etc. Uppity younguns. Oh and Alison Mack is now in custody and indicted. Working their way upchain, who'll sing?


Carlos provides free cell service bundled with micro financing advertising as does Yunus's foundation Grameen, they both reputedly are in the CF 'off the books' circle of 1,000. Microfinancing has been tied to debt related organ sales. Coincidence? Both Foundations target aid related services to countries that are typified by dire poverty, war torn or natural disaster status. They've won Nobel prizes for their work. The two now act in partnership.

This has a distinct Hwood component through FG and lions gate, also reputedly a CF 1,000 member.

"Yunus began his work in Bangladesh in 1983; he was “fueled by the belief that credit is a fundamental human right.” Now microfinancing occurs, not just in Bangledash through Grameen Bank, but all over the world. Services like M-PESA and the ease of buying and using cell phones has made it even easier.."

CS's telmex established a Haiti fund to rival CF and "during the first step of the EMERGENCE period, TELMEX and TELCEL did sent to Haiti 21 tons of food, 4 drinking-water plants, 4 power plants, 40 satellite-phone equipments, 1,000 cell phones and 3 mobile cells. A team of 30 engineers and technicians was deployed to reestablishing telecom services" (this article is now scrubbed)

CS / US Obama phones


designace001 said...

part 2


MY also board member Andrea Bocelii Foundation (VoicesofHaiti)

The little-known Haiti Development Fund, an LLC incorporated in Delaware in August 2010, was created by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from shady Canadian mining mogul FG and Mexican billionaire CS.

"Mohammad Akhtar Alam, 33, bears a 15-inch scar on his stomach where he had a kidney removed. The organ removal - which is illegal in Bangladesh unless the organ is being given to a spouse or family member - combined with the inadequate post-operative care he received, has left him partially paralysed, with only one eye working and unable to do any heavy lifting.

Micro credit presents a curious dilemma for Bangladesh. It has been one of the most successful tools for social development, but also with a great deal of controversy attached to it."

Selling a kidney or part of one’s liver to pay off loans is becoming increasingly common

designace001 said...

@Schneiderisnext more to your question regarding the schools. don't forget this one, ongoing with a continuing geopolitical opportunity on the horizon. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/01/the-bizarre-american-lobbying-war-over-turkish-run-schools-216562



don't forget the rubber city

All these people are connected.

Many more links like these


Velora said...

Adding a few notes from a thread or two I pulled that may or may not be important. Regardless, it's interesting.

The Clinton's and Bronfman's have been close for a long time.
The Clinton’s association with Jeff Bezos and Amazon flows through Chelsea’s fellow IAC/Interactivecorp director Edgar M. Bronfman, Jr.—a.k.a. Boy Bronfman.


Bill Clinton had an affair in 2002 with Lisa Belzberg, who was married to Matthew Bronfman, the brother of C & S Bronfman.


I wonder if the sisters found out about anything Libya related in daddy's emails related to the US sponsored coup, and partnered with Richard Griffiths in a strategic move to place Igtet. Griffiths lobbied on behlaf of the National Transitional Council of Libya WITH Igtet to be recognized as the ruling party, and shortly after, partnered up for AmCham. Then this happens:

“Our mission is to support the development of trade and economic ties between Libya and the United States,” Richard Griffiths, AmCham president, said in the news release. “We believe that by adding this process to our membership, we are setting the very highest standards in relation to anti-bribery and third party due diligence.”

AmCham, which is an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, was created in 2011 following the collapse of Col. Gadhafi’s fall. Such groups were not allowed under Gadhafi. The group has drawn multinational companies (all AmCham members) include Raytheon, Textron, Beechcraft, Mammut Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Cummins Inc., OshKosh Corporation, Clyde and Co LLP, Ideal Innovations, Sikorsky, Africair, MAG Defense, Navistar Defense, DAI, AMS Management Services, Caterpillar, Askari, Fluet Huber and Hoang, Track24, and Radisson Blu.


Mr. Griffiths also claims to have given a memorial in Tripoli, Libya for Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the fallen US Embassy workers killed on September 11, 2012

There's a lot more to dig up, too. As an aside, Griffiths works for the same mega law firm (Squire Patton Boggs) that had a "strategic alliance" with Cohen. The FBI raid was actually at their NY office, where Michael Cohen was using an executive office.


designace001 said...

oooh..Velora, very pertinent. Ties into Arizona too. Certainly Daddy Bronfman was one of CF's largest contributors, definitely fits in the group of 1,000. His proximity to I.sra el also puts him/his family squarely in a position of influence regarding his sil's (or then future sil, not sure when they married) aspirations in Libya. Makes you wonder how coordinated the topple of Libya really was. So many questions about Libya.

"Shortly after the billionaire businessman Edgar Bronfman Sr. died in 2013, Hillary Clinton spoke at a memorial service in his honor. She described a meeting she had arranged in 1996 between her husband and Bronfman, who then owned the liquor company Seagram and Son, which she said lead to years of negotiation over the return of Holocaust assets held by Swiss Banks. “He exuded a confidence and honesty that won him the friendship and support of Presidents and Popes and people everywhere,” Clinton said of the former president of the World Jewish Congress. His son, Edgar Bronfman Jr., has continued his legacy of political giving, making it difficult to distinguish their donations in federal records. The campaign donation totals above include both men."

Inside the $1.4 Billion - they should have added a column that said "hidden"


Pictures already have been scrubbed in link below, you can only wonder if SB and CB will be indicted next. Evidently AM is singing like a bird, the interwebs blew up with it all last night. This is a BIG story.

AM trending #1 - mentions to CDAN below, evidently this story has far more connections than previously thought. Are the palms still standing on H'wood Blvd?


For those of you interested in charter schools and as a sidenote re: Enough Gualn schools research to suggest a what looks like a classic skim along with some other stuff thrown in. More intersections Chicago, RaE. These people have done an amazing job.

Az connection McCain/Hemsley, Phoenix 100 and straight back to H'wood. Lansky era. Old school.

Blue skies today!!!

designace001 said...

Excellent research Velora!


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