Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Reader Blind Item

November 14, 2019

There is a biopic about to start shooting.  The subject is a deceased singer who recorded in more than one genre whose peak was a number of decades ago wherein he had a couple big crossover hits.  His biggest hit was a song of regret that referenced a woman’s attractiveness.  He had hits throughout his career in the main genre he was associated with.

The singer was a naturally talented musician with a powerful voice and was tall and handsome to boot.  Unfortunately, he was plagued by alcoholism his whole life.  One famous public drunken incident was at a televised annual event.

It was always assumed that this was why at one point he just stopped recording and touring and in the following decade and a half until his death only recorded one more record.

But the real reason he stopped recording and touring was he didn’t need to. An old friend had started a company that everyone knows and patronizes.  The singer helped his friend out financially at the beginning and was a big shareholder in the company which made him extremely wealthy despite his dissolute lifestyle.

Charlie Rich (Dave Thomas - Wendy’s)


Brayson87 said...

So the food was better when the drunk was still alive? Makes sense actually.

myself said...

That never happened.

shakey said...

I'd like to know what that famous public drunken incident was. Duck duck go and giving me nada.

mooshki said...

@shakey Here you go. (And now I have to go rewatch Super Troopers.)


Big Crazy Baby said...

Not really a blind. I mean I knew it because I am a fan. at an awards show, I think the CMA's, he presented for the artist of the year, it was John Denver and he lit the envelope on fire.

jenn said...

I saw him in concert twice, at the Mo state fair back in the 70's. His shows were amazing, mom thought he was handsome, I was too young. He always showed up but Buck Owens was another story

Trixie Comments said...

@jenn, Buck is known for grabbing every, uh, buck, and rarely missed a show. He knew every contract down to the dime, I was told. . Are you thinking of No Show Jones?

L B said...

Denver was an asshole in person. He collected the most disillusioned groupies around him. My dealings with him and staff years ago I’ll never forget.

Looks like Charlie knew.


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