Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Reader Blind Item

November 16, 2019

Divorce papers from the split a few years back of this iconic in sound and look/attire foreign born singer and his much younger wife who dated another family member first show the level of control he exerted.  Weekly, she was given memorandums on hair length and clothing and food intake.  Her clothes were assigned to her by date.  She was also given a schedule for what to do in her free time and even had to attend weigh ins to make sure she did not exceed a certain weight.

This singer has long had a reputation for being a control freak. Another musician who is known for his collaborative songwriting in a critically acclaimed reunited group that should be more famous worked with the singer for awhile and in his autobiography wrote that ,among other examples of the singer’s personality, in his office that handles his business concerns, all the pencils had to be sharpened to the exact same length.

 This singer was originally part of a band a number of decades ago that had a few hits but their biggest claim to fame was being years ahead of their time in their sound and look, a huge influence on the next decade’s music. This band was recently honored in a public event.  On his own, the singer also had a couple hits but has sometimes taken a long time between releases due to his perfectionist tendencies in the studio.  In his romantic life, he has been linked with royalty in his home country and was in a very publicized relationship with another famous person who left him for an even more famous singer.

Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music, Chris Difford of Squeeze, Jerry Hall, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)  


Guesser said...

You broke@Tricia13's heart with this one.💔

HushHush said...

Roxy Music was the go to "lets get it on" soundtrack to college students in the 1990's. 9 1/2 Weeks left a very strong imprint on us.
I'm getting nostalgic this New Years Eve.

rednoir said...

Originally saw Roxy Music in 1974, when they were really good. Bryan had an ironic take on his persona back then. Then he started to take himself seriously. Mistake.

Ladybugmo1 said...

Are they saying Chris Difford is more famous than Bryan Ferry?

Freckles said...

Roxy music in the 70's! This was a tough one. Now I know why Jerry left him for Mick

zerooptions said...

No wonder Brian Eno left Roxy Music!

Do Tell said...

Bryan Ferry always seemed to me like he'd be a dominant and a control freak. Everything about him was so carefully styled.

Sd Auntie said...

Really feel sorry for his first wife. The 2nd one was in it for the money and escaped. Horrible man with that voice.

Velvet Voice said...

One of his ex wives killer herself recently ..

And during his performance in Argentina in early 9s he was puyre perfection but he treated a girl I knew as HELL cause she tried to touch his arm backstage


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