Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Reader Blind Item

November 18, 2019

It has been said that this accident changed the course of rock and roll as it caused the death of a young up and coming musician (whose songs have been covered frequently since by other artists) and further damaged the existing injury of his friend a slightly more established musician leading to severe drug and alcohol and dependency and a shorted life and career for him as well. Both men are considered musical pioneers.

The official story of this accident is not correct specifically who was behind the wheel. The musician who survived had a penchant for speed which is how he had an earlier severe injury.  He had in fact taken the wheel and was driving wildly when the accident occurred. Both musicians had been drinking. However, if this had come out at the time, there would have been a number of problems for the musician - Existing legal issues compounded plus the fact they were not in the USA when it happened. Money changed hands and the owner of the vehicle took the fall.  The guilt for this led to further self-destruction of the surviving musician.

How do we know this?  There were three other people there that day besides the two musicians not two. One of them did speak out to a tabloid also the injuries and the damage to the vehicle make no senses when compared against the official story and one looks at where people were supposed to have been sitting.

Gene Vincent (surviving musician) Eddie Cochran (dead musician)


Gazzer said...

But he died in a taxi cab. Dave of Dave dee dozy Mick and Titch was a cop at the time and was first on scene.

Freckles said...

So Vincint was driving the cab? I wonder why he shot at Gary Glitter?

zerooptions said...

What was the beef between gene vincent and gary glitter?
i'd heard there was some huge fight in europe.

cheesegrater15 said...

Maybe Glitter tried raping his kid or something.

Gene said...

Not a cab...it was a private car hired by the promoter. Eddie Cochran wasn't wearing a seat belt and he was thrown from the vehicle when it crashed, killing him instantly.

And yes, Dave "Dee" Harman was a police officer then and one of the very first on the scene. He made a point to take Cochran's guitar and make certain it was safe in the police impound before someone else stole it. He later said he taught himself to play by practicing on the guitar during his overnight shifts until it was finally returned to Cochran's family.

Gene Vincent's earlier accident came when he was in the Navy; he was racing a motorcycle around the base and crashed, permanently crippling one of his legs and getting himself discharged on a medical basis. He was addicted to painkillers for the rest of his life because of his leg.


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