Monday, December 30, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Do you want to take a stroll with Gavin Rossdale and his wannabe celebrity chef girlfriend? Well, too late because they already did it. But, you do have ONE more chance to be in Random Photos with them. Email your photo to
Harry Connic Jr. got himself a cartoon at Sardi's.
Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song at the Rams game yesterday.
Martin Lawrence taking a selfie with his future wife.
Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus walking in NYC this weekend.
Also in NYC were Aaron Paul and his wife.
Amy Poehler is all laughs until you ask her Louis CK questions.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 (I don't usually post animal photos without the reader, but I loved this one)
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
Reader Photo #11
Reader Photo #12
Reader Photo #13
Reader Photo #14
Reader Photo #15
Simone Biles at the Texans game yesterday.
Ashlee Simpson is wearing a lot of lime green with Evan Ross.
Ashley Tisdale taking her puppy out for a walk.


sandybrook said...

Hi Readers and dog! There seem to be a lot more readers sending in pics this time than there were the last few times.

Tricia13 said...

And hellllooooo Readers! Looking fly each and every one.
Speaking of-love me some Harry Connick. One of the nicest , sincerest men in show biz. NoLa boy(has something to do with it:)

Um-Rossdale is no longer married to a man? Dude doesn’t age ,I’ll give him that-but that look is old bro.

Not sure if Dianne Kruger is stylish or I just like looking at women who wear actual clothing with style. A little of both I think 🤔

JD said...

I not even sure why but I'm crushing hard on Reader #4. Maybe it's the big brown eyes, maybe it's the cute minimalist tattoo, or maybe it's the lab coat and nerdy backdrop, but dang. Sorry, not sorry, you're pretty.

Also three cheers for a cleaner and soberer Macaulay Culkin. I hope he makes a massive comeback (although he doesn't strike me as interested in a massive comeback, and that's cool too)

Troy Dyer said...

Love the solo doggie! I hope Enty also makes an exception with my doggie photo! 🤞🏼

Reader #9– can we be friends?!

shakey said...

Is No. 9 The Count?

No. 6 - you don't need a mask to hide yourself. Your eyes are quite striking!

Brayson87 said...

Damn CDAN really does have the coolest readers :)

Sd Auntie said...

Lab coat lady is Meticulous bee ?? Cute doggies and owners. Lil guy with mom in #7 is too cute.

Brayson87 said...

@JD, You are not yet ready for a woman of science, they can be f*cking freaks, the good kind though. Female science teachers too. ;)

JMFP said...

Thanks JD :)

kiki71 said...

So tired of Gavin trying to sell us he is straight. Sad! Just come out already!

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 borrowing Matt Drudge's incognito style.
Reader #2 either has a large dog or a small chair.
Reader #3 sharing her wine with her adoring public.
Reader #4 at the cleanest lab I've ever seen.
Reader #5 enjoying the great outdoors or sending a selfie from heaven, it's very bright I can't tell.
Batwoman ain't got sh!t on Reader #6.
Reader #7 proving that happy families aren't figments of the imagination.
Reader #8 with the side profile.
Damn I wish I was as cool as Reader #9, plus the sunglasses and facial hair must mess with facial recognition software.
Reader #10 featuring the season's most popular accessory, super cute dog.
Reader #11 knows it's best to crop others out when you're the hot one.
Reader #12 posing for the perfect pic, very tasteful case.
Reader #13 in a great combo.
Reader #14 with her flowing locks.
Reader #15 demonstrating why babysitters should always uber home. Just kidding couldn't resist 😅, wow that is some thick hair, women would kill for that.

RobertaJoan said...

How cute is that kid in #7? Just a sweet-looking little guy.

Brayson87 said...

Gavin proving he can have any side of the barn door he wants. Of course only a cishet male would think her coat wasn't strategically placed.
Did Harry Connic Jr. get replaced with a doppelganger, looks kind of different.
So that is Song's real apprehensive expression, it isn't just acting.
Can't we pretend Martin and her are watching a video together?
Kruger and Reedus have moved beyond weird to full on Weekend at Bernie's, just can't tell which is Bernie.
Aaron Paul proves actors can be in normal looking relationships.
Amy Poehler shaking that gender traitor stink right off.
A bunch of awesome readers, who knew CDAN had such a glamorous audience?
Eh, gymnasts are cool, but soccer players and cheerleaders are more laid back.
I believe Tim Burton is clothing Simpson and Ross nowadays.
Ashley Tisdale trying to look cute like the CDAN readers with pets, look even her dog isn't fooled.

E said...

Reader #7 is my fave pic of all so far--what a sweet smiling face on that little guy. Lucky mom!!!

Sarton Bander said...

How many boxes was Reedus carrying on his back?

stephen cooper said...
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sandybrook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaddup Mimsey said...

Why is enty so late today?

sandybrook said...

Maybe today is a holiday schedule Mimsey. Should start soon though.

Shaddup Mimsey said...

Thanks Sandy. We get to leave work at noon today so I was really hoping to get some blinds in before that. I'm going home to nap.

sandybrook said...

good idea...

Hotbox said...

I love that big ass black dog! What a glorious beast.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@Troy, any fan of the punctuation mark known as the interrobang is a friend of mine, so, Yes! Welcome to the MaxiPad, bud!

@Brayson, hey, now! Those shades were a thrift store special pick-up. The 10 year-old me got the sunglasses I lusted after as kid! But so what if it took me only 25...who am I kidding...30 years to get them ;)


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