Thursday, July 02, 2020

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

These two foreign permanent A+ actors who played the same iconic role did not dislike each other but were in fact very good friends and this friendship only grew over the years.  The Oscar winning younger actor, who is still alive but largely retired, played the role first. The deceased slightly older actor played it second.

A big part of their friendship was pranking one another.  Two examples -

The older actor had some medical problems that required him to visit a certain type of doctor. One time when he undressed and was lying face down on the examination table, the younger actor snuck in wearing a surgical mask and pretended to be a visiting expert. During the examination that followed, he  stuck a well lubed carrot in the older actor's butt who shouted and chased him out.

For revenge, the older actor visited a film set where the younger actor was working and applied hair removal cream and spray to his wardrobe. The younger actor being quite hirsute discovered at the end of his scenes that all of his body hair was gone.  

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