Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 24, 2020

Is she stirring the pot? She does enjoy making waves. It is one of the ways she keeps the focus off herself and on others. She in this case is a frequent visitor to this section. She is the spouse of one of the world's worst criminals. She also is best buddies with the celebrity CEO and the still wife of the serial cheater/sexual predator who thinks he can run for office again in the next year. Yeah. Anyway, there was a little dinner party and our spouse was talking about her makeup line and other things when someone decided to steer the conversation to politics. This is not one of her favorite topics, but she decided to throw a little bomb out there.

Shortly before his death, this offspring of a permanent A++ lister was desperate for financing. The publisher of his magazine was going to drop him and he needed investors. Despite his fame, no one wanted to partner with him because it was just throwing money away. Apparently one group that was willing to talk to him were drug dealers. Unfortunately, these particular investors would be arrested if they entered the US, so our offspring flew north to Canada to meet with them. He did this several times. It looked as if a deal was going to be made. Then, something happened. At a final meeting about a week before the death of our offspring, he flew north again, but this time was wearing a wire. The investors discovered it by accident because there was a metal detector in the lobby of the building where they were meeting and the alarm was set off by the wire. All the interested parties were in the lobby at the same time, moving through the detectors and everyone saw when the offspring had to remove his jacket and show what triggered the alarm.

A week later the offspring was dead. Or was it a witness protection program. The spouse says he was killed. The thing is though, she would have been about ten when it happened and is relying on what her husband had to say about it all.

Emma Coronel Aispuro/El Chapo/Elon Musk/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/JFK Jr./JFK

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