Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 14, 2020

I often get asked the question of who could be another Amanda Bynes. Who could be a former tween/teen actress who has the chance of breaking down like Amanda. There are two names that immediately spring to mind, and both of them were on the same show. They were both treated like meat on the show. One of them (A) was coerced into a relationship with a married producer twice her age. I have written about her extensively. Her co-star (B), I have written about, but not as much.

B always smiles. Even today she smiles constantly but it is a smile she thinks she is expected to have rather than one she feels. A couple years ago I spent some time on a set where she was filming and you could see the smile disappear when she saw or heard something that brought her back to her tween years. She tries to act and keeps looking for that successful show which will make her comeback. I don't think she has her heart in it. The same with her schooling. It takes forever because she is just doing it to do something. In many ways the first year or two of college were the worst. She didn't know how to have relationships with men. The men she worked with on set treated her like a sexual object and she was groomed/trained/taught that to make life easy at work she needed to make the men in charge happy.

In college she carried that philosophy over to the party scene and there were a lot of times where things got out of control and she was put in positions that further scarred her.

A: Jennette McCurdy 
B: Miranda Cosgrove

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