Friday, July 03, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Reader Blind Item - Old Hollywood

April 13, 2020

Many years ago in this biggest of all conflicts, the USA allied itself with this other nation out of necessity.

The leader of that nation was revealed after his death to be a mass murderer on the level of what they were fighting against.

But even worse than him was one of his deputies who was in charge of internal security.  He was a rapist who forced women to sleep with him to save the lives of their relatives whom he had arrested.  He also would kidnap women off the street and keep them in a secret room in his house until they agreed to have sex with him.  He had no compunction about age and often forced himself on underage girls.  Other members of the government were very careful to keep their daughters away from him. Even worse was the fact that girls who said no often ended up being strangled to death and buried in his garden.  Skeletons were found buried under the villa he lived in.

In the years of that conflict and for a short time afterwards until the two nations were at odds with one another, Hollywood made a few films that were very pro this nation.  The leader of the nation tasked the deputy to work with Hollywood directly.

In doing so, the deputy became good friends with two people 1.) This Oscar winning/Oscar nominated A++ director whose films are considered quintessentially American especially the one that takes place during a specific holiday. 2.) This actor who starred in a film set in the country and one of whose most famous roles involved veterans from the big conflict. He was also in several films by this foreign director who acted as a villain on a TV show based on another medium.

During visits to the country, both the director and the actor took advantage of the young girls offered to them by the deputy.  The actor even took part in the strangulation deaths of two of them.

Joseph Stalin, Lavantry Beria, Frank Capra, Dana Andrews (Otto Preminger, Batman)

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