Saturday, July 04, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #21

March 31, 2020

Over the past few months after she claims there were attempts on her life and forced to yacht more than she has in decades, I asked myself what brought all this on for the foreign born permanent A list model. Oh sure, there is the stigma of the pedophile, but that wasn't enough. That had been in her hip pocket for decades along with her role in all of it. For many years this family with the long and storied history considered the model much like they would an art gallery or museum. They were patrons. It didn't hurt that many young men and women in the family had their first sexual experience with the model. One female member was especially close to the model because they had each been with underage teens with the pedophile, and apparently at least once had been together with an underage girl.

Could it have something to do with recent royal marriages? I looked at the biggest recent one and everything seemed in order until I realized it wasn't. This is where it gets a little more complicated but essentially the next one in line who will actually get to spend a long long time at the top married his first cousin. The last name of the wife was always front and center so you didn't look too far back. Honestly, you only need to go back one. That wouldn't be a problem at all until you you look back at the real grandfather of the one in the line of succession. Yeah, the one who had the affair with the grandmother of the one in line. Now all of a sudden, husband and wife are related. Back in the annals of the history of the family, this kind of thing happened and was encouraged. That long running family I mentioned earlier, often volunteered a tribute to the gene pooling.

I suspect that through the royal who is trying to save his name and who has spent lots and lots of money over the years bedding our model and her "friends," that he spilled the beans. Those pregnancies were, indeed fake. Oh, sure the babies are real, but no way did they want to take a chance and get some crazy genes going. So, you get an egg donor or sperm donor and then a surrogate. The model probably found out and started talking, as she does. The long storied family with money got wind and cut her off financially, forcing her into her current life.

Naomi Campbell/Lynn Forester de Rothschild/Prince Andrew/Prince William/Kate Middleton

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